SBS Scholarship Application


All applications are now electronic and available online! As you look through the available scholarships below, simply click on the scholarship name to open the scholarship form.

*Please ensure that your web browser is up to date so that the form will be submitted successfully.*

Enrollment Status

1. Type the information that makes you eligible for this scholarship/award based on the criteria and scholarship description. For instance, describe honors or awards, community and professional service, write your essay or statement, career goals, affiliations, tribal information, etc. in this space. If requirements state that you must be registered full time then you must be registered full time during the semester of application as well as during the semester the award is applied toward tuition.


2. Write an autobiographical sketch of yourself. Include information such as, why you chose your major, why you want to work in the field of your studies, what prompted you to pursue your education goals. Expand on the traits/characteristics that are outlined in the scholarship/award description.


3. If the scholarship/award eligibility section states that selection is, or may be based on financial need, you must complete a FAFSA with NAU Financial Aid to be eligible to receive a scholarship.(The FAFSA form is on the Financial Aid webpage). In the space below also, explain your financial situation or hardship and/or how the dollars will enable you to continue your educational endeavors.


*PLEASE NOTE* If supplemental documents are required for specific scholarships, such as letters of reference or resumes, email them to


Release of Information

By submitting a Scholarship Application Form you are giving your consent for NAU to release your personal information to donors, faculty and staff who will be considering you for scholarships. This includes, but is not limited to, your application information, GPA, year in school, financial need, major, picture, short biography, thank you note, etc. The donor may request updates of your progress at NAU including GPA, classes taken, financial need, etc. if you are selected to receive a scholarship. Only donors seriously considering you for scholarships and approved by the NAU Scholarship Office may have access to this information and no information will be provided to any other outside sources. Submission of this scholarship application form confirms that you agree to these terms and conditions.