Student research opportunities


Laboratory for Applied Social Research (LASR) 

At LASR, you can conduct social research for your degree via:

  • survey research
  • telephone surveys
  • program planning and evaluation
  • field interviews and observation
  • and data management and analysis

Student Media Center

The Student Media Center (SMC) in the School of Communication is a working media lab designed to train you for the rapidly changing environments of reporting and production:

  • print—“The Lumberjack” student newspaper
  • radio—KJACK community access radio
  • television—UTV62 student programming
  • multimedia web journalism—NAZ Today

Northern Arizona Justice Project

With support from the Arizona Bar Foundation, the Northern Arizona Justice Project investigates Arizona cases where wrongful and unlawful conviction has been alleged. You will have the opportunity to:

  • critically analyze cases
  • prepare case briefs
  • manage case materials and interactions with law enforcement and forensic professionals
  • generate scholarly papers that address key issues surrounding crime scene investigation and due process

The Psychology Undergraduate Research Center

Undergraduate research can give you valuable hands-on experience while making your graduate school application competitive.

Faculty and students use this designated space for:

  • research group meetings
  • data collection
  • data analysis
  • research poster development

Geography, Public Planning and Parks and Recreation Management

Through research, students in Geography and Planning and Parks and Recreation Management programs are building better communities and a better world. Faculty involve students in faculty research projects, where you’ll:

  • collect data for recreation impact assessments
  • conduct remote sensing research
  • explore GIS applications
  • participate in community development research


You’ll engage in research projects during your senior capstone class, present your results at the department’s Senior Seminar Research Conference, and display professional-level posters at the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Celebration of Achievement.

Geographic Information Science (GIS)

You’ll be able to work with the City of Flagstaff, Coconino County, private entrepreneurs, and a variety of federal and state agencies in gathering and analyzing geo-spatial data that assists in the protection and preservation of:

  • land and water resources
  • fish and wildlife habitat
  • areas with special designations, like wilderness

Public Planning

You’ll be involved in professional planning projects with cities and towns throughout Arizona. Projects include:

  • mixed use development plans
  • creation of city/county ordinances
  • visionary plans, such as expanding Sedona’s City Hall Complex

Parks and Recreation Management (PRM)

  • You’ll work with local communities in:
  • park and recreation departments
  • state parks
  • National Parks
  • non-profit entities

Institute for Human Development (IHD)

Dr. Trina Spencer, Research Director at IHD, always has research opportunities in her lab.  At any given time, there are several projects going on; most of these are conducted in schools with children.  She will match a student to a project based on interest and availability.  Credits are available through DIS 485 - Undergraduate Research and DIS 685 - Graduate Research and interns are welcome.  Send an email to to inquire about current opportunities.

IHD Research Video: .