Academic Catalog

The academic catalog provides basic information students need to enroll in and pursue a program of study here at NAU. In addition to the useful information about Northern Arizona University's majors, minors, and certificates, the Academic Catalog also lets you know the requirements you must meet and the many services we offer to support you as a student at Northern Arizona University.

How to use the Academic Catalog

Student can use the academic catalog to see:
  • Major/Minor/Certificate requirements
  • Course Descriptions 
  • Policies and Services
Understanding requirements and using the course descriptions to find prerequisites for courses will help students with planning their time here at NAU. 

Accessing appropriate information

  1. Access the Undergraduate Catalog (Quicklinks> C> Catalog, Undergraduate- All)
  2. You will then choose degree search to find out more information about your major or minor. 
  3. In the search area in the upper right corner, you can type in your major or minor. 
Older Catalogs
  1. If you are in older catalog then 12-13, you will pick Academic Catalogs Prior to 2012-2013 under Academic Information. Choose your catalog year. Catalog year is generally from when you started at NAU. For example if your first semester at NAU was Fall 2010, you would be in the 2010-2011 catalog. 
  2. Once you chose your catalog year, all major and minor requirements will be located under NAU's Academic Plans. 
  3. Next, pick your major or minor to see what is required. 
LIghtbulb icon  Tip from an Advisor: If you are unsure what you want to minor in or do not know what minors NAU offers, you can choose the minor folder under NAU's Academic Plans. This way you can explore the different minors NAU offers.