Chronological Résumés

The chronological résumé is the most common type of résumé. Typically employers prefer this type over other résumés. Why? They can see what jobs you have held and when you were employed. 

This is also the most easiest type of résumé to write as the structure is dictated by your own history. 

You will emphasize: 

  • dates
  • times
  • specific locations
  • responsibilities associated with that specific position 

This type of résumé generally emphasizes most recent employment and de-emphasizes earlier experience. 

This type of résumé works well for applicants with a strong solid work history.  

Chronological résumés will list your work experience in reverse chronological order with your current or most recent first. After experience, you will then list your Education, Skills, and other areas. 

Here is an example of a sample chronological résumé


Chronological Resume Outline