Additional Information

Additional sections that you may want to add to your résumé could be: 

  • Additional Experience
  • Awards & Honors
  • Community Involvement
  • Additional Skills
Additional Experience 

If you were highly involved in school organizations or other leadership commitments, such as a sorority/fraternity, school newspaper, student government, etc, you will list those under Additional Experience. Do not list more then 4 clubs or extra-curricular activities. Listing too many makes you look too busy. Employers want to see that you have enough time to work and be involved elsewhere. Time-management. 

Awards & Honors
Be Proud! Listing recognitions are a bonus. But be careful not to list too many. Limit your list to those applicable to the jobs you are applying for. You can most likely leave off Most Improved from your 2nd grade ballet class. 
Community Involvement
If you have held several "real" jobs, it is suggested that you list your volunteer experience separate. Only list volunteer work that you have done on a regular basis. 
Additional Skills
If you did not do a Summary of Qualifications and just have a few additional skills that you feel are relevant, you can list them here. This is very common for entry-level resumes. 
LIghtbulb icon Tip from an Advisor: Don't over do it! Simplicity and readability is key.