Preparing for the Interview

Proper preparation is the fastest way to success. 


Research the company before the interview. Become familiar with:
  • Their website
  • Recent press releases
  • Their mission statements
  • Clients

What to Wear?!?

When you have an interview, it is important to look the part. 
  • When in doubt, always err on the side of conservative, modest, and formal. 
  • Black is not the only option! Stick more with neutral colors such as grey, brown, caramel, olive, and navy.
  • Wear good shoes. Be sure to give your shoes a polish before the interview. Women: Keep the shoes closed-toed.
  • Limit accessories.
  • Be sure to be well groomed!

Prepare Prepare Prepare

  • Practice interview questions in front of a mirror and with a friend. Ask them to provide constructive criticism on your speaking styles, mannerisms, and poise. While practicing be aware of your use of "like" and "um"
  • Review the job posting again. 
  • Evaluate your strengths. Evaluate your skills, abilities, and education. 
  • Decide what questions you want to ask during your interview.