Enrollment Questions

 Enrollment questions are the most common type of question we see. Student who are unable to get into a course but do not know why, deadlines, prerequisites issues, etc

How do I get into a course that is full?

There are three main ways to try to get a seat in a course that is full. Please note that there is no guaranteed way to get into a full course.

  1. Keep checking to see if a seat opens up. Students are adding and dropping courses constantly before the first day of the semester.
  2. Contact the instructor by email or in person to request a Class Limit Override. It is up to the instructor to allow or deny this request. They may not be able to grant overrides due to room capacity. If they grant an override, they will need to either send you an email or sign the Override Authorization form. The form needs to be stamped by the department of the class to authorize the signature and then either brought to our office or the Registrar’s Office for processing.

  3. Attend the first day of class with an override form in hand. If there is room, the instructor will sign appropriate overrides. 


What are the deadlines to add/drop a course?
You can find important dates/enrollment deadlines on the Registrar’s Website, including the last day to add, last day to drop, last day to withdraw from the term, etc. You can also find the last day to drop a class as well as withdraw from a course on your syllabus. If you have any additional questions about deadlines after looking at the Registrar's website, please do not hesitate to contact our office for clarification. 
What does a "W" mean?
A “W” means withdraw. A withdraw does not affect on your GPA or your academic standing. However, withdraws can affect Financial Aid and enrollment status (Full-time vs. Part-time). Before withdrawing from a course, be sure to check with an advisor to see how it may affect your enrollment status. Contact financial aid about how it could affect future aid. 
What is Department Consent vs. Instructor Consent?

Department Consent means that you need to contact the SBS Academic Services and Advising office for permission to enroll into the course.

Instructor Consent means that you need to contact the instructor for the course in order to enroll.  

I have enrolled into fieldwork or an internship, but the course is only showing as one unit. What do I do?
Please contact our office so that we can have the number of units you are enrolled in corrected. 
Enrollment has begun. Why can't I enroll?

The two most common reasons are:

  • Hold on your account (Please see the Advising Questions for information on how to clear holds)
  • Not your scheduled time to enroll. The enrollment times are based on units completed. This does not include current coursework or courses which are in the process of being transferred. 
Why can't I enroll into a specific course?

If you are not able to enroll into a course, an error will apear. The most common errors are: 


  • the class is full
  • the seats are reserved
  • you do not have the required prerequisite
  • instructor or department consent needed


If you have taken the prerequisite but are still unable to enroll in a class, please contact us

I transferred in a prerequisite, but I cannot sign up for a course. What do I do?

It is common for LOUIE not to recognize a transfer course as a prerequisite. If this is your case, please contact us


If a course is showing as open in LOUIE, why can't I enroll into it?

The most common reason is that the seats are reserved for a specific group of students, like Distance Learning. If you have questions about the reserved seats or possible overrides, please contact us and we can explain the appropriate steps for you to complete. When you contact us, please be sure to include what course name and number you are trying to enroll. The course number is the four digits located in parentheses. 

For example, PSY 101: Intro to Psychology Section: 01-LEC (1468)