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Graduation Spring 2013


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Financing your education  

The College offers a multitude of scholarships for our students.

Research opportunities  

Whether you’re looking for hands-on experience or a resume-booster, we have plenty of opportunities for you to perform research under the guidance of our expert faculty.

Student travel 


The Office of the Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences provides funding for individual students or groups of students to represent Northern Arizona University at regional, national, or international conferences, given the availability of funding. 

Eligibility: To be eligible for consideration, the student must be enrolled at NAU in a program in SBS and in good academic standing at the time of the application and travel. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. Students are eligible for one travel award per academic year. Awards are typically in the $50 - $250 range, given the availability of funding.
Application Process: Applicants should submit a brief narrative describing the purpose and expected outcomes of the travel.  Documentation of conference participation, awards or competitions and a completed SBS Travel Application must be provided. 
Applications are to be submitted to chair or director of the student’s program for review and prioritization. Applications can be obtained in the dean’s office, academic departments, or online at  
Applications are due to the chair or director on:
September 15, January 15, April 15
Award Conditions:
Available funding for the following in order of priority:
1. Travel for an individual student or student group to present their scholarly or creative work at a regional, national or international professional conference. 
2. Travel for an individual student or student group to attend academic competitions at a regional, national or international level.
3. Travel for an individual student or student group to accept an award from a professional organization or academic institution.  
Available funding may only be used to cover the following costs:
• Transportation to and from the conference 
• Lodging (but not food)
• Conference registration fees
Incomplete applications will be returned and not considered.
  • For questions please contact Mary Anderson 523-5886.

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