Nora Timmerman, PhD

Nora Timmerman Lecturer
Northern Arizona University
Sustainable Communities and First Year Seminar
Blg SBS West 70 Rm #282
Phone: 928-523-5222

Research and academic interests

Nora teaches about issues of social and ecological importance, within local communities and places, and for societal and cultural transformation. Her pedagogical approach utilizes various forms of democratic, experiential, and critical-reflexive learning designed to encourage growth within students and active engagement within the community. She is the 2017 College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Teacher of the Year.

Nora’s research interests are in eco-philosophy, socio-ecological justice, higher education, and scholar-activism. She utilizes broad conceptions of education that examine its role as a socio-cultural institution. In particular, she studies faculty stories of scholar activism and the praxis of working for (eco)justice in the neoliberal university. From 2015-2018 Nora served as Program Chair, Chair, and Past-Chair for the Environmental Education SIG of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

Courses taught 

  • Education and Sustainable Communities, Graduate Seminar
  • Visions of Sustainable Communities, Graduate Seminar
  • Global Contexts of Sustainable Communities, Graduate Seminar
  • Achieving Sustainable Communities, Graduate Capstone
  • What is Education For? First Year Seminar
  • Apps & Ads: Today’s Media Literacy, First Year Seminar
  • Public Art for Public Good, First Year Seminar
  • Trash Talk: Waste in Our World, First Year Seminar
  • Environmental Aesthetics, First Year Seminar
  • Critical Thinking: Frameworks, Methods & Challenges, Teacher education course
  • Land, Food and Community, Undergraduate community-based research


    PhD in Educational Studies, University of British Columbia, 2013
    Emphasis in ecological philosophy and higher education
    Partial (fast tracked to PhD before completing) MA at the Institute for Resources,  Environment and Sustainability,  University of British Columbia
    Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS), Summa Cum Laude, Arizona State University, 2004
    Concentrations in Political Science and Environmental Geography,  Minor in Dance

Recent Publications 

  • Timmerman, N. (under book contract, manuscript complete Sept. 2017). Conspiring toward integrity in contradictory times: Stories for and by educators concerned with ecological & social (in)justice. (Re)Thinking Environmental Education Series. New York: Peter Lang Publishers.
  • Timmerman, N. (in press). Vulnerable, but not silent: Exploring discourses of fear surrounding NTT faculty. In Munene, I., Fole, J., & Renner, K. Prometheus unchained: Contextualizing and organizing contingent faculty to reclaim academic labor in universities. Lexington Books.
  • Timmerman, N. (forthcoming). (Eco)Portraiture: Storying research possibilities for and with the more-than-human. In Blenkinsop, S., Fettes, M., & Piersol, L. Ecoportraiture in education: Learning and storying with the more-than-human. Peter Lang.
  • Piersol, L, & Timmerman, N. (2017) Reimagining environmental education within academia: Storytelling and dialogue as lived ecofeminist politics. Journal of Environmental Education, 48(1), pp. 10-17.
  • Timmerman, N. (June, 2015). Public scholarship, democracy, and environmental education: Civil disobedience, collective organizing, and activism for the public good. American Educational Research Association (AERA) Environmental Education Special Interest Group 2016 Call for Proposals.
  • Timmerman, N. & Ostertag, J. (2011). Too many monkeys jumping in their heads: Animal lessons within young children’s media. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 16, 54-70.
  • Creeping Snowberry & Blenkinsop, S. (2010). “Why are those leaves red?” Making sense of the complex symbols: Ecosemiotics in education. The Trumpeter 26(3), pp. 50-60.
  • McKenzie, M., Russell, C., Fawcett, L., & Timmerman, N. (2010). Popular media, intersubjective learning, and cultural production. In R. Stevenson, & J. Dillon (Eds.), Environmental education: Learning, culture, and agency. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.
  • Timmerman, N., & Metcalfe, A. S. (2009). From policy to pedagogy: The implications of sustainability policy on sustainability pedagogy in higher education. Canadian Journal of Higher Education, 39(1), 45-60.
  • McKenzie, M., & Timmerman, N. (2008). The relationality of web-based hypermedia research: A working example in teacher education. In S. Springgay, R. Irwin, C. Leggo, & P. Gouzouasis (Eds.), Being with art/o/graphy. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.