Northern Arizona University Office of Sustainability


The Office of Sustainability is seeking students for non-paid internships that may qualify for class credit. The program is open to either undergraduate or graduate students. 


Some of the sustainability project ideas include:

  • Communications: Press release/publicity intern, webmaster
  • Environmental: Recycling and Earth Day coordinator
  • Engineering:   Metering of campus building, insulation value of the living grass roof on the ARD building, solar thermal array output on the ARD building
  • Business:  Historical financial reports on the university’s energy costs vs. number of students/faculty/staff
  • Biology: Transform ARD’s retention basin into a permanent wetland for future studies
  • Construction Management:  Performance of the pervious concrete at ARD
  • Psychology:  Compare sick days of employees in LEED Certified vs. non-certified buildings on campus
  • Anthropology:  Compare modern LEED building techniques with those used by native people (example:  Montezuma Castle)


If you are interested please contact Nick Koressel or look online.