Flagstaff Shelter Services


Flagstaff Shelter Services (FSS) is a nonprofit grassroots agency serving homeless men and women in Flagstaff. Our mission is to ease the suffering of homeless men and women by providing shelter and services in a safe, supportive and caring environment and to assist them in overcoming the obstacles to obtaining permanent housing.

Flagstaff Shelter Services operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering day services and overnight shelter. Interns will:

  • develop on the job case management approaches
  • learn about various chemical dependency and mental illness treatment models


Interns are primarily responsible for:

  • homeless community member engagement and HIPP (Homeless Improvement and Prevention Planning) intakes and follow up
  • documenting member contacts, referrals, and progress


This position requires a person who:

  • can cope and react effectively to crisis situations, including medical and psychiatric emergencies
  • can become familiar with the social services in the immediate area and be comfortable in referring our clients to the appropriate services
  • can use HMIS and an Access database to maintain accurate records and data for both our overnight shelter and our day center programs


For more information, visit the organization’s website or call (928) 213-4199.