Coconino County Juvenile Court Services


Juvenile Court now offers 5 individual internship experiences students can choose from to suit their educational and professional goals:

Skill Development

  • 150 hours = 3 credit hours
  • Perform 1-1 skill development with youth new to probation
  • Assist in skill development 1-1 sessions with stalled probation youth
  • Create customized skill development plans for skill development youths
Program Development
  • 150 hours = 3 credit hours
  • Design new probation and/or detention programs
  • Forming infrastructures of new program
  • Launching new program
  • Maintaining and evaluating new program
  • 150 hours = 3 credit hours
  • Facilitate information gathering sessions
  • Providing consequences for teens on diversion
  • Writing assessments for parents and teens 
  • Manages case load of diversion teens
Teen Court
  • 150 hours = 3 credit hours
  • Create and facilities teen court trainings
  • Facilitate monthly teen court hearings
  • Organize and track teen court consequences
  • Lead shoplifting and drug & alcohol awareness classes
Youth Care Worker
  • 200 hours = 4 credit hours
  • Detention staff training academy (CPR, Handle with Care, Suicide Prevention, PREA, Behavior Management, etc.)
  • Creating custom skill development plans for detained youths
  • Interaction with detained youths in detention living units


To apply, email your resume as well as a short paragraph about what you hope to gain from interning at Juvenile Court Services. If you have any questions or need more information, call (928)226-5453.