Coconino County Community Services Department: Public Fiduciary Office



The intern will be assigned to work with the case managers in the Public Fiduciary office.  The Public Fiduciary office works with clients who are assigned to them by the court.  The individuals are incapacitated and/or physically challenged.  The office may be either a guardian or conservator for the individual. 

A guardian is a person appointed by the probate court to ensure that the personal and medical needs of an incapacitated person are met.  A conservator is a person appointed by the probate court to manage the financial affairs of someone who is determined to be unable to manage their own finances or property. 


The intern will:

  • attend meetings with other agencies to discuss and establish a plan of action/goals for individuals who are DDD (physically challenged) and discuss the individual’s budget
  • establish a budget for all other participants and check that there is no overspending
  • assist with annual guardian/conservator report to the court
  • assist with inventory for new clients and update inventory as needed for current clients
  • do research of client property
  • possibly work with vital statistics to obtain birth or death certificates
  • research available facilities for placement
  • become familiar with the process for becoming guardian and conservator and the court process in reviewing annual accountings/case management conferences
  • may assist with the sale and/or disposal of property


For more information, visit the organization’s website or call (928) 679-7441.