Laboratory for Applied Social Research (LASR)

The LASR offers:

  • opportunities for students to acquire research skills
  • a resource for organizations to have research done, using the expertise of our faculty


Our services include:

  • telephone surveys
  • program planning and evaluation
  • field interviews and observation
  • data management and analysis


Completed Projects

  • Flagstaff Family Food Center, Client Satisfaction Survey (Spring 2012)
  • Flagstaff Project Connect Exit Interview Survey Analysis (Spring 2012)
  • NAU Alumni Experience Survey (NAES): Results (2013)
  • Children's Reading Room Survey Data Analysis, Flagstaff Family Food Center (Fall 2014)
  • Point-in-Time Homeless Count (Summer 2014)
  • Coconino County Community & Family Vitality Survey (2014)

In Progress Projects 

  • Native Americans for Community Action (NACA) Program Evaluation (Winter 2015 - )
  • Point-in-Time Homeless Count (Winter 2015 - )

Proposals in Progress 

  • Measuring Civic Participation in Arizona, Raul H. Castro Institute, Phoenix College

Our people

Affiliated faculty

 James Bowie 3   

James Bowie, PhD
Senior Lecturer, Sociology
OFFICE PHONE: 928.523.1752



Natalie Cawood, PhD
Associate Professor, Social Work
OFFICE PHONE: 928.523.6538


Kooros Mahmoudi, PhD
Professor, Sociology
OFFICE PHONE: 928.523.6554


 Jim Reed, PhD
Senior Lecturer, Sociology
OFFICE PHONE: 928.523.1238

Research opportunities for students will be announced. 

Contact us 

Laboratory for Applied Social Research
Department of Sociology and Social Work
BLDG 65 Room 113
Box 15300
Flagstaff, AZ 86011

 To contact the LASR team regarding a potential project, please fill out the email form below.