Internship Proposal

Internship proposal outline

The internship proposal should include: 

  1. An overview describing the agency or site, its background, what it does, and who your supervisor will be.
  2. A description of your role and responsibilities for the organization. This will be aligned with the needs of the agency as expressed by your supervisor and their policies.
  3. A narrative of your goals and objectives for the internship experience.
  4. A strategic plan and timeline for completing the internship.
  5. A literature review describing how the internship connects with specific sociological literature. You should outline the theoretical and substantive areas you plan to examine. Display a familiarity with the literature and highlight key themes and concepts that you feel will help you evaluate, assess, or research the particular organization.
  6. A description of what type of manuscript you aim to write at the end, including what kind of sociological analysis you intend to bring to the project.
  7. The proposal needs to be approved by your chair, and then read and signed by the committee.  

Internship proposal example