Internship defense and presentation 

When the committee approves the final work, you will need to schedule a meeting for the internship defense. At the defense, you will present and discuss your internship manuscript and experience to your committee and interested faculty for their approval.


You will:

  • find a time that will work for all three committee members
  • Contact the SBS Dean's Office at 928-523-2672 to reserve a room
  • share this professional accomplishment with others by advertising the defense

What to bring to your defense

You should bring:

  • Your manuscript
  • any supporting documentation
  • Master's Oral Exam (the committee chair must request from the ETD Coordinator): Your committee will sign this form following your successful internship defense.  Once it has been signed, supply the department office with a photocopy for your file and deliver the original to the Graduate College for processing.
  • internship title page: After the defense, your committee will sign your manuscript's title page in blue ink. You may want to bring extra copies for them to sign if you are printing multiple copies of your manuscript--then, each copy will have an original, signed title page.

Follow the graduation procedures as indicated on page 9 of the Student Guide, providing the appropriate copies of documents to the department office. Credit hours will be applied to your degree after the internship is signed by your committee and on file in the department office.