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We enjoy hearing updates from our alumni; your post-graduation successes encourage our current students and faculty. To share your news and potentially be featured in our next newsletter, fill out the form below.

We also have an "Alumni Map" bulletin board in the department hallway. Please send us your business card and we’ll include it on our map:

Sociology & Social Work
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The Department of Sociology and Social Work appreciates our generous donors. We would like to recognize and extend our sincere gratitude to our recent donors:

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Isreal and Alexis Clark

Farah Martinez

Susan and Wiles Cox

Jay and Kim Mohr

Douglas Degher

Karen Pugliesi

Eric Ditzler

Vikki Schwab-Glass

Adrian and Elaine Groggett

Nancy Serenbetz

David and Robin Hauert

Alexander and Laura Shumay

Heidi Haeder-Heild

Jane Szucs

Peter Hochuli

Patricia Wasielewski

Henry Hooper

Jerry and Sandra Wicks

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