The Office of the Dean is proud to announce the recipients of the 2014 College of SBS awards. Congratulations to all of them for their outstanding contributions to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and to the NAU community. 

Teacher of the Year
Andrew Walters 
Professor, Psychological Sciences


Career Milestone
Dr. Lori Poloni-Staudinger
Associate Professor, Politics & International Affairs

SBSawards14_hardy-short_75pxCommunity Service Award
Dayle Hardy-Short
Professor, School of Communication

SBSawards14_horn_75pxEarly Career Teaching Award
Amy Horn
Lecturer, School of Communication

SBSawards14_Gee_75pxExceptional Service Award – Faculty
Gretchen Gee
Lecturer, Politics & International Affairs

SBSawards14_Mullen_75pxExceptional Service Award - Staff
Rufus Mullen
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

SBSawards14_Stippick_75pxOutstanding Staff Distinguished Service
Denise Stippick
Administrative Associate, Anthropology

SBSawards14_lampe_75pxPart-time Educator Award
Frederick Lampe
Part-time Lecturer, Anthropology

SBSawards14_lei_75px20 + Year Teaching Award
Rich Lei 
Professor, School of Communication

* Honorarily awarded posthumously to Dr. Geeta Chowdhry

SBSAwards14_detoledo_75pxTeaching Innovation Award
Rodrigo De Toledo
Associate Professor, School of Communication