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If you find yourself fascinated about why we think, feel, and behave the way we do, consider pursuing a degree in psychology. Psychologists take a scientific approach to studying behavior and mental processes, researching the ways in which life experiences, environment, culture, and biology all work together to shape mind and brain. Our psychology majors explore a wide range of subjects such as autism, child development, psychological disorders and treatments, neuroscience, and sexuality, and master the major research techniques that professional psychologists use. As an undergraduate, you will even be offered the opportunity to perform research and fieldwork with faculty and graduate students.

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3 + 2 program (five-year track): BS/MA in Psychology

The goal of this 3 + 2 track (3 year undergrad + 2 year grad) is to offer highly qualified NAU students the challenge of graduate study earlier than is usually the case. The B.S./M.A. program attracts a small number of student (1-3) per year who are academically capable and committed to the field of psychological sciences. 

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