Capstone Experience

A capstone course covers subject material that is at the interface of two or more sub-disciplines within the psychological sciences and is designed to be a “culminating” experience in the undergraduate degree. Each semester the department offers capstone courses (courses designated with “c”), such as Fieldwork (408c) or Health Psychology (480c) but also special topics capstones (490c) and advanced undergraduate research experience (486c). The undergraduate program committee is in agreement that capstone experiences will have learning outcomes that can be demonstrated and assessed through a variety of experiences in the psychological sciences major. . The capstone courses are smaller in enrolment (capped at 20) in order to facilitate seminar like setting. The BA and BS curricula are designed, such that by the time students take a capstone, they have the requisite skills and abilities to demonstrate significant accomplishment of the Department’s five major learning goals. A list of the capstone courses for the coming academic year are posted on our departmental website on the page that describes the undergraduate curriculum.  The list is published 1-2 years in advance so that students can prepare by taking required 200-level courses (if there are any). PSY 230 and PSY 302w are required in advance of the capstone course.

Courses offered

  • Field Work Experience: PSY 408C
  • Historical Systems of Psychology: PSY 450C
  • Community Psychology: PSY 460C
  • Health Psychology: PSY 480C
  • Advanced Research Experience: PSY 486C
  • Senior Capstone Special Topics: PSY 490C