Viktoria Tidikis, PhD

Viktoria  Tidikis Lecturer
Northern Arizona University
Applied/Experimental Psychology
Blg 60 Rm #341
Phone: 928-523-8813

MS Old Dominion University
PhD Old Dominion University

Professional interests

Dr. Tidikis' general area of expertise is in cognitive psychology. Her research interest is in the area of creativity, with a particular emphasis in the study of higher-order and complex cognitive processes. Further, she is interested in how these processes are influenced by non-cognitive factors, such as emotions and culture.


  • Tidikis, V. & Ash, I. K. (2013). Working in pairs and alone: Examining process variables in solving insight problems. Creativity Research Journal, 25(2), 189-198.
  • Tidikis, V. (2015). The effects of leadership and gender on dyad creativity. Psichologija, 52, 7-21.
  • Tidikis, V., Ash, I.K., Futterman Collier, A. (2017). The effects of interaction of emotional valence and arousal on attentional breadth and creative task performance. Creativity Research Journal, 29(3), 1-18.
  • Tidikis, V. & Dunbar, N. (in press). Openness to experience and creativity: When does global citizenship matter? International Journal of Psychology.
  • Tidikis, V., Donohue, D., Petkeviciute-Barysiene, D., Rakickiene. L., & Valickas, G. (under review). The effects of global and national orientation on creativity: A cross-cultural examination.
  • Tidikis, V., & Ash, I.K. (under review). Greater Stroop effect predicts better performance on creative insight problems, but not on divergent thinking tasks. The International Journal of Creativity and Problem Solving.


Dr. Tidikis is teaching undergraduate level courses in cognition, psychology of creativity, and motivation and emotion, as well as graduate level course in research methods.