Tom Filsinger, M.S.

Tom Filsinger Instructor
Northern Arizona University
Social/Personality Psychology
Blg 60 Rm #344

BA   John Carroll University
MS  Northern Illinois University 


Tom is interested in the topic of social influence, particularly conformity and the perpetuation of group norms. His research for the master's degree focused on the generational group influence paradigm and was titled: "The Effects of Success/Failure Feedback and Status of Others on the Perpetuation of Arbitrary Group Norms." He is also interested in implicit memory research and priming  as they pertain to attitudes and prejudice. 

Other areas of interest include positive psychology, creativity, and mindfulness. As a creator (of science fiction games), Tom is inspired by the work of Carl Jung and his theories of the collective unconscious, symbols, and archetypes. 


Tom has taught at several colleges and universities including Northern Illinois University, John Carroll University, and Lakeland Community College. He was the Director of Social Sciences and Coordinator of Psychology at Jamestown Community College. He was also the director of a certificate program, Psychology of the Workplace, which included courses such as Social Psychology, Group Behavior, and Leadership Development. 

As a writer and game creator, Tom is interested in the psychology of creativity and creative processes. To this end he has given talks on the following subjects: "Using Games to Foster Creativity in the Classroom (2008)" and "Games and the Creative Process" (2004).


PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology

PSY 227: Introduction to Personality

PSY 250: Social Psychology

PSY 326: Group Behavior