Jason Whetten, MA, MEd

Jason Whetten Instructor
Northern Arizona University
Blg 60 Rm #340
Phone: 928-523-6961
Mr. Whetten's Psych Classes

AA 2010, Eastern Arizona College, Psychology

BA 2012, Northern Arizona University, Psychology

MA 2014, Northern Arizona University, Psychology, emphasis in teaching

M.Ed. 2017, Northern Arizona University, Educational Leadership

Professional Interests

As a previous first generation student, Jason Whetten focuses much of his energy in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL) and how He can improve student’s classroom experience.  Prior to completing his degree, Whetten directed a community college theatre program for youth and strives to find connections between his passion for theatre and love of psychology. Whetten is especially enthusiastic to work with students who are new to the university setting and the psychological science major.

Teaching Philosophy

Challenge Students to Apply Knowledge

As faculty Whetten believes that it is imperative to teach students first how to be productive, creative, and caring members of society and the workforce and second about content in psychology. Jason’s focus in and out of the classroom is not just helping students recognize content, but use it to improve their academic, social, and personal lives.

Spark Enthusiasm for Content

Whetten believes there is a balance between hard work and productive “play”, and when a teacher can navigate this line correctly, it enables eager higher-order learning and excitement for class time.

Teach to Students’ Needs

Whetten’s goal is not to teach all his students, but each of his students. Jason strives to create a classroom environment of learning and assessment in the classroom that allows students the power of choice on how to interact with the material while collecting important assessment data that can be fed back into the class.

Always Be Learning

Jason Whetten appreciates and encourages students to challenge his knowledge and ask questions that will force him to research and find answers. Whetten wants students to see him as an available resource along with their textbook and notes.

Recent Publications

Whetten, J. L., & Hodge, S. (2013, October). Training better psychology teachers through theory and practice. Mountain States Teaching of Psychology (MToP) Conference. Albuquerque, New Mexico: Central New Mexico Community College.

Huffman, A. H., Whetten, J. L., & Huffman, W. H. (2013). Using technology in higher education: The influence of gender roles on technology self-efficacy. Computers and Human Behavior, 29(2), 1779–1786.


Jason Whetten teaches Introduction to Psychology, Career & Educational Planning in Psychological Sciences, and Introduction to Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience.