Gregory Busath, PhD

Gregory Busath Senior Lecturer
Northern Arizona University
Blg 60 Rm #351
Phone: 928-523-1855

BA 2003 Purdue
PhD 2009 Brigham Young University, Provo Utah

Professional interests

My primary research interests focus on identifying antecedents and consequences of sexual harassment. I am currently focused on the relationship between sexual harassment and psychological outcomes such as PTSD and anorexia nervosa. I have also performed research on using technology to improve the effectiveness of therapy in both inpatient and outpatient settings. I have taught statistics, research methods, industrial/organizational psychology, social psychology and personality psychology. I enjoy teaching research methods and statistics the most because of the value that scientific thinking can have for people throughout their careers.

Recent publications 

  • Simon, W., Lambert, M. J., Busath, G. L., Vazquez, A., Berkeljon, A., Hyer, K., Granley, M. & Berrett, M. (2013). Effects of providing patient progress feedback and clinical support tools to psychotherapists in an inpatient eating disorders treatment program: A randomized controlled study.Psychotherapy Research, 23, 287-300.
  • Simon, W., Lambert, M. J., Harris, M. W., Busath, G. L. & Vazquez, A. (2012). Providing patient progress information and Clinical Support Tools to therapists: Effects on patients at risk for treatment failure. Psychotherapy Research, 22, 638-647. 
  • Bushman, B. J., Ridge, R. D., Das, E. J., Key C. W. & Busath, G. L. (2007). When God sanctions killing: Effect of scriptural violence on aggression.Psychological Science, 18, 67-71. 
  • Dissertation: Busath, G. L. (2010). Why is sexual harassment offensive? The effects of privacy regulation on sexual harassment perception. Dissertation Abstracts International, 70, 5892. 


Dr. Busath teaches courses in introductory statistics in psychology, research methods in psychology, and industrial-organizational psychology.