Eylin Palamaro-Munsell, PhD

Eylin Palamaro-Munsell Lecturer
Northern Arizona University
Community Psychology
Blg 60 Rm #363

2005 BA Psychology, University of Vermont

2010 MA Clinical Community Psychology, University of North Carolina Charlotte

2011 PhD Community Psychology, University of North Carolina Charlotte

2011-2013 Post-Doctoral Fellow, University College Dublin

Professional interests

Dr. Palamaro-Munsell is a community psychologist with interests in the socio-cultural factors that contribute to child and family resilience, health and well-being, including economic status, family cohesion, community strength, cultural diversity and social connectedness.

Recent publications 

Nixon, E. & Palamaro Munsell, E. (In Press). Framing research in community settings. In Research and Evaluation in Community Settings: Experiences from Practice. S. Guerin (Ed.).

Lichty, L.F., Palamaro-Munsell, E. (Manuscript Accepted). Pursuing an Ethical, Socially Just Classroom: Searching for Community Psychology Pedagogy. Special Issue of American Journal of Community Psychology: Ethical Challenges in Community Psychology Research and Practice

Palamaro Munsell, E., Kilmer, R.P., Vishnevsky, T., Cook, J.R. (2016). Practical disadvantage, socioeconomic status, and psychological well-being within families of children with severe emotional disturbance. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 25, 2832 – 2842.

Lovett, J., Palamaro Munsell, E., McNamara, K., & Doyle, O. (2016). Friend, Foe or Facilitator? The Role of the Parent-Service Provider Relationship in the Early Implementation of a Family-Based Community Intervention. Community Psychology in Global Perspective, 2, 52-72.

Doyle, O., McGlanaghy, E., Palamaro Munsell, E., & McAuliffe, F. (2014). Home based educational intervention to improve perinatal outcomes for a disadvantaged community: A randomised control trial. European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, 180, 162-167.

Booth, A., Palamaro Munsell, E. & Doyle, O. (2014). Maternal engagement in a home visiting intervention: What lies beneath psychological resources? Journal of Community Psychology, 42, 29-46.

Palamaro Munsell, E., Kilmer, R.P., Cook, J.R., & Reeve, C.L. (2012). The effects of caregiver social connectedness on caregiver, child, and family well-being. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 82, 137-145.


Dr. Palamaro-Munsell teaches developmental psychology, child and adolescent development and community psychology.