Dana Donohue, PhD

Dana Donohue Senior Lecturer
Northern Arizona University
Blg 60 Rm #347
Phone: 928-523-1737

BA 2005 Georgia State University
PhD 2010 Georgia State University
2011-2013 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pretoria, South Africa 

Professional interests

Dana Donohue is a developmental psychologist who earned her PhD from Georgia State University and spent two years working as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Dr. Donohue’s research interests include how culture, risk, and resilience factors influence developmental outcomes like academic achievement. She is currently working on projects that examine how cultural values affect college students’ outcomes like achievement, motivation for learning, and happiness.

Recent publications 

  • Donohue, D. K., Bornman, J. & Granlund, M. (in press). Examining the rights of children with intellectual disabilities in South Africa: Children's perspectives. Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities.
  • Nilsson, S., Bjorkman, B., Almqvist, A., Almqvist, L., Bjork-Willen, P., Donohue, D. K., Enskar, K., Granlund, M., Huus, K. & Hvit, S. (in press). Children's voices - Differentiating a child perspective from a child's perspective. Developmental Neurorehabilitation. ISSN: 1751-8423 (print), 1751-8431 (electronic). 
  • Bornman, J. & Donohue, D. K. (2013). South African teachers' attitudes toward learners with barriers to learning: ADHD and LNFS. International Journal of Disability, Development, & Education, 60(2), 85-104. 
  • Barile, J., Donohue, D. K., Anthony, E., Baker, A. M., Weaver, S. & Henrich, C. C. (2012). Teacher-student relationship climate and school outcomes: Implications for educational policy initiatives. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 41, 256-267. 
  • Latu, I. M., Stewart, T. L., Myers, A. C., Lisco, C. G., Estes, S. B. & Donohue, D. K. (2011). What we "say" and what we "think" about female managers: Explicit versus implicit associations of women with success. Journal of Women Quarterly, 35(2), 252-260. 
  • Donohue, D. K., Wise, J. C., Sevcik, R. A., Romski, M. A. &Henrich, C. C. (2010). Self-concept development and measurement in children with intellectual disabilities. Developmental Neurorehabilitation, 13(5), 322-324.   


Dr. Donohue is teaching several courses in developmental psychology as well as a course in child and adolescent development.