Travel Information for Students

Travel Application and Authorization

You must obtain an e-mail from the department chair approving all travel.

You must submit all receipts obtained prior to travel (e.g. conference fees, hotel and transportation costs) before travel.
  • Annual travel certification form: Please complete and submit the form to the department's travel specialist. This form must be renewed every year and must be on file before you leave for your first trip in the new year. Reimbursement is contingent upon completion and submission of this form.
  • Student travel award program, SBS (PDF file): Review SBS travel award procedures.
  • Student application (Word version): Travel worksheet is used to determine funding availability. It must be submitted in advance of the trip. 

Keep Track of Expenses

  • Daily travel log: a travel log for mileage for multiple sites, or use Google Maps for set mileage 
  • County codes: Find the correct county for your travel destination. Enter the destination in the feature name area and then select the correct state, then click the send query button. This will give you the county of the destination city. You then take that information to the destination codes link. For foreign travel (which includes Alaska and Hawaii), please see your travel liaisons. 
  • M&IE/domestic travel: travel codes, per diem, and lodging rates information. Destination codes are determined by the state and county your travel city is located in.
  • Example: Phoenix is in Maricopa County, Arizona. The lodging and per diem are set for Phoenix - Maricopa County on the destination code link. If your travel location county is not listed in the destination code link then use the "all counties not specified" lodging and per diem rates.

Travel Policies

Secure Additional Funding

  • Travel Money Image 225x150
    Travel Money Image 225x150

    Access University Resources

    Northern Arizona University offers undergraduate and graduate students many additional opportunities for funding. Be sure to review the deadlines and application requirements for all of these additional sources of funding: