Zachary A. Smith, PhD

Zachary A. Smith Regents' Professor
Northern Arizona University
Politics & International Affairs
Blg SBS Rm #203
Phone: 928-523-7020


PhD, University of California



  • What is Water Worth: Overlooked Non-Economic Value in Water Resources, Palgrave.
  • Sustainability: If It's Everything, Is It Nothing?  Routledge, UK.
  • The Environmental Policy Paradox (6th Edition). Prentice Hall.
  • Renewable and Alternative Energy Resources, ABC-CLIO Press.
  • Globalization A BC-CLIO Press.
  • Environmental Politics and Pol icy in the West, University of Colorado Press.
  • Protecting Our Environment  Lessons from the European Union, State University of New York Press.
  • The National Environmental Policy Act: Judicial Misconstruction, Legislative Indifference & Executive Neglect, Texas A & M University Press.



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See my Vita on my webpage for a full list of publications.

Academic fields

Undergraduate teaching emphasis:

  • Environmental policy
  • Environmental politics
  • Public administration
  • State and local politics
  • Arizona politics
  • Public policy

Graduate teaching and research emphasis:

  • International environmental policy and problems
  • Water policy
  • Forest policy and management
  • Global environmental policy and problems with particular emphasis on energy and EINGO politics and problems
  • Sustainability, globalization, and the environment
  • Renewable resource development and regime theory in global resource management
  • Arts administration


Students thinking about graduate school are invited to have a look at this web page. You can also check out "Placing the Environmental Policy PhD," featured in the Newsletter of the Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy Section American Political Science Association.