Jeffrey Hanlon, PhD

Jeffrey  Hanlon Assistant Professor, MPA Advisor
Northern Arizona University
Politics and International Affairs
Blg 65 Rm #214
Phone: 928-523-9419


  • Ph.D. in Political Science from The University of Arizona
  • B.A. in Conservation Biology from the University of Wisconsin 


Berardo, R., & Hanlon, J. (2015). Institutions. Oxford Bibliographies in Environmental Science. doi: 10.1093/obo/9780199363445-0040

Academic Interests

Jeff Hanlon specializes in environmental politics and policy, with a focus on the governance of water resources. He studies the ways in which groups of people, governments, organizations and advocacy groups craft formal institutions to govern use of water resources in such ways that protect ecosystems and human livelihoods simultaneously. He is currently finishing a project analyzing the interaction of nested formal institutions for the governance of water resources in New York State, and hopes to broaden such investigations to an international focus. In addition, Hanlon teaches classes in Public Administration and Policy.