Public Management Certificate

To earn this certificate, you must complete 15 hours of course work. This program may be completed entirely online.


You must take one course in each of the following three blocks and two elective courses in a specialty area: 

Courses taken to fulfill the specialty area requirement may not be used to fulfill the Masters of Public Administration degree.

Core courses—3 units

  • POS 541—Public Management
  • POS 543—Public Organizations

Skills courses—3 units

  • POS 642—Human Resources Admin
  • POS 644—Government Budgeting

Problem solving and professional experience—3 units

  • POS 581—Current Issues in Administration

Topics courses may be taken twice with different topics

  • POS 608—Fieldwork Experience
  • POS 697—Independent Study (must be approved by advisor)

Specialty area—6 units        

  • 500- or 600-level political science course, selected with advisor approval, and not used to meet some other requirement

You may choose to take both POS 541 and 543, and use one to satisfy the core requirement, and apply the other towards satisfying the specialty area.

Both POS 541 and 543 may be applied to the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program. With advisor approval, students may replace 541 or 543 in their certificate program with POS 641 or 643, respectively; these courses are not offered online.

Web-based delivery

The department will regularly offer configurations of courses that enable students to complete all four requirements online in a timely manner. Courses within a block may not be offered on a specific timetable.

POS 541 and 543 are offered exclusively online.

Other courses, such as POS 581, POS 644, and POS 642, are offered online during some semesters, and in-person during others.

No course may be transferred into this program from another university.