Graduate programs and degrees

The Department of Politics and International Affairs offers three graduate degrees: a Ph.D. in Political Science, a Master of Arts in Political Science, and a Master of Public Administration. Our Ph.D. and Master of Arts programs are geared toward students interested in American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Public Administration; and they also encourage work in one of three thematic areas: Development, Diversity, and the Environment. We take pride in allowing students the flexibility to structure and further enrich their educational experiences via classes with affiliated faculty.

If you have questions about our graduate programs, please do not hesitate to contact us: 

Graduate Coordinator 

Maiah Jaskoski,, (928) 523-8605

Main Office Contact, (928) 523-3163 

As a doctoral granting department, Politics and International Affairs employs top-quality faculty who have received national and international recognition for their scholarly contributions. Our faculty understand politics and have a genuine interest in teaching students.

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