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SBS Compassion Project

Date:  March 28. 2014
Time:  9:10 am - 4:00 pm
Location:  The du Bois Center Ballroom on the NAU Flagstaff campus

Please visit the SBS Compassion Project website for detailed information on the event.

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences -  2014 Poster Symposium

Students Sharing Creative Ideas, Research, and Discoveries

Including contributions from students in: Anthropology, Applied Indigenous Studies, the Civic Service Institute, Community, Culture and Environment, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Ethnic Studies, Geography, Planning and Recreation, The Institute for Human Development, Political and International Affairs, Psychology, School of Communication, Sociology/Social Work, Sustainable Communities, Woman’s and Gender Studies, and Global Studies

SBS Presentations will be from 2:00pm- 4:00pm

Join us for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences symposium of undergraduate and graduate scholarly pursuits. Students from 11 departments and programs will convene to share their creative discoveries and present in-depth research and scholarly work to their peers, professors, and the University and Flagstaff communities.

More than 300 posters will showcase the diversity of students' educational experiences. The Symposium will highlight students’ participation traditional research activities, classroom-based scholarly projects, and in service learning and collaborative projects.

Events are free and open to the public

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Link to information regarding the SBS Symposium Contest

NAU learning outcomes

Explore the University’s Learning Outcomes, and the benefits of completing your education at NAU.  

A new website is now available featuring these outcomes and can be accessed at The website lists the student learning outcomes as “NAU Graduates Can...." statements and describes the benefits of the outcomes to students, faculty, the institution, the state of Arizona, and future employers. The University Learning Outcomes articulate NAU’s shared expectations for student learning, including goals and values of liberal studies as well as those of degree programs, diversity, and the global learning initiative.