NAU Academic Credit (official university transcript)


If you have not been enrolled as an NAU graduate student within the last year, you must submit an NAU "Application for Non-Degree Graduation Admission" with your application fee of $35.00 to the Graduate College. This can be done online


Visit LOUIE to enroll in a class after receiving your NAU username and password. Then click on Self Service; Enrollment; and Enroll/Add Classes. If you have difficulty enrolling, please call the Student Technology Center at: 1-888-520-7215.


For up-to-date information about tuition and associated fees, please see the NAU Distance Learning Tuition Tables. Please also see the Bursar's website for important payment deadlines


You may be expected to purchase a textbook for a SELECT class. Your course syllabus (which you should request prior to the first class session) will list information about the textbook and purchasing information. If you are registering late or have not received your course syllabus by the first day of class, please contact SELECT. 


Tuition for SELECT courses is due by the first day of class. All deadlines are represented as calendar days from the class start date. Please see the Registrar's website for important dates and deadlines for enrollment.

5-week class: deadline to add = 4 days, drop = 7 days, drop with a 'W' = 14 days. Petition and fees applicable thereafter.
8-week class: deadline to add = 5 days, drop = 10 days, drop with a 'W" = 23 days. Petition and fees applicable thereafter.