Minor in Disability Studies

*Please note: The minor is currently offered only to NAU campus based students.  All courses in the sequence are not online (DIS 201 & DIS 498C)

For undergraduate students at Northern Arizona University, the Minor in Disability Studies serves as a foundation of knowledge in disability studies.

You will examine:

  • the historical and legal treatment of those with disabilities,
  • the role of disability in today’s society
  • the concept of normal and how it influences our understanding of disability

The minor will challenge you to examine your perception of disabled persons, and think critically about the ways in which disabled persons have experienced inequality and oppression.


Your coursework for the disability studies minor breaks down as follows:

  • 15 units of core classes which include DIS 201, DIS 303, DIS 304, DIS 418, and DIS 498C
  • 3 units from the following: SST 191, PRM 326, DIS 309, DIS/HIS 335, PE 365, DIS 407, DIS 485, and DIS 497

Sequence of courses

You will follow this sequence of courses in the minor:

Course     Semester

DIS 201: Introduction to Disability (Studies)

*In person NAU campus

Fall/Spring (Freshman/Sophomore)

DIS 303: Perspectives on Disability


Fall/Spring (Sophomore/Junior)

DIS 304: Universal Design


Fall/Spring (Junior)

DIS 418: Law of Dis. Discrimination


Spring (Junior/Senior)

DIS 498C: Senior Seminar

*In person NAU campus

Spring (Senior)

For your elective course of 3 credits, you can take when it is most convenient to you, in either the fall or spring of your sophomore or junior year.

Core courses

You will take the following core courses:

  • DIS 201 Introduction to Disability (3 credit hours)
  • DIS 303 Perspectives on Disabilities (3 credit hours)
  • DIS 304 Introduction to Universal Design (3 credit hours)
  • DIS 418 Law of Disability Discrimination (3 credit hours)
  • DIS 498C Senior Seminar in Disability Studies (3 credit hours)


You will take one of the following electives:

  • DIS 309 Disability History (3 credit hours)
  • DIS/HIS 335 Ethics and Disability (3 credit hours)
  • DIS 407 Introduction to Principles and Practices of Family Support, Self-determination and Disability (3 credit hours)
  • DIS 485 Undergraduate Research (1-6 credit hours)
  • DIS 497 Independent Study (1-6 credit hours)
  • PRM 326 Inclusive Recreation (3 credit hours)
  • SST 191 Communication Disorders in Literature and Media (3 credit hours)
  • PE 365 Physical Education for Special Populations (3 credit hours)