Grant Materials

The intended purpose of the available materials is to assist and aid in the overall success of Vocational Rehabilitation Services Projects for American Indians with Disabilities projects and grant applicants. The availability of these materials are copy write protected under the Arizona Board of Regents. Thank you.

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Cultural Competency: A Working Annotated Bibliography for American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation 2012

This working annotated bibliography includes recent publications emphasizing cultural competency issues in and around minority entities and more specifically, American Indian communities.  This bibliography can be updated as suggestions are provided by our audience.  Please contact with your contribution.

The American Indian/Alaska Native Vocational Rehabilitation Program Resource Guide to Centers for Independent Living 2012

This guide provides resources to American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation (AIVR) programs for State Independent Living Council (SILC) board chairpersons and executive directors, and Independent Living Centers (ILC) that accommodate American Indians with disabilities.  The resource list was compiled based on survey responses from AIVR directors, SILC and ILC personnel.

Grant Writing presentation for the AIVR Programs and Tribes (PowerPoint)

This PowerPoint slide presentation was developed by the Capacity Building for American Indians Project (CBAIP) staff to assist American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation (AIVR) programs that were up for refunding or new tribes interested in applying for the AIVR grant program.

Presentation for the American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Grant Writing Essentials and Foundation booklet (November, 2009) (PowerPoint)

This PowerPoint slide presentation is developed for the AIVR programs and tribes interested in competing for the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services for American Indians grant program. The PowerPoint presentation covers all aspects of the selection criteria and how the grant writer can respond to each criterion. The PowerPoint slide for the grant was developed by the CBAIP staff several years ago and updated and modified each year.

Consortia of Administrators for Native American Rehabilitation (CANAR) (PowerPoint) presentation, Delegating Worksheet, Action Plan Worksheet 

This presentation was developed to attract those program directors and staff who were currently in their fourth year of funding. This presentation will help the grant writer start thinking about the grant and assist with some ideas on how to get started. There are two worksheets: one for delegating work to staff and the other is an aid to develop an Action Plan for starting the grant.

Appendices and Citing References – A How-To Guide for Grant Writers

A How-To Guide developed by CBAIP staff for grant writers to use when citing references of material or research in the appendices of the grant proposal.

Five Steps to Program Evaluation: A Workbook

This workbook is intended to facilitate the creation and implementation of Program Evaluation for American Indian VR Programs. It outlines a five-step process that helps the user clarify what is needed to implement a successful evaluation of virtually any aspect of the VR program in question. Much of what is presented here has been learned from, and adapted from Taking Stock: A Practical Guide to Evaluating Your own Programs.

Get Organized – A Quick Guide to Action Plans

This quick guide book to action plans provides directors/grant writers of the American Indian VR Programs with a method to developing their action plans for their grants. 

Get Organized – A Quick Guide to Gantt Charts

A guide book for American Indian VR grant writers or directors to help them develop Gantt charts for the Quality of Project Management section of their grant proposal.

Perfecting your Writing – A Quick Guide to Editing and Proofreading

This guide book was developed for the American Indian VR Program directors and grant writers. Editing and Proofreading are important parts of submitting a successful grant proposal. This guide book gives ideas and suggestions to work through the revision after revisions.

List of common acronyms used in the tribal VR circle

A working list of acronyms used in the tribal VR lingo and circle.

Developing and Maintaining an Advisory Committee (PowerPoint)

A PowerPoint presentation to discuss and provide information on developing and maintaining an advisory committee for a tribal VR program.

Time Management (PowerPoint)

PowerPoint presentation for directors and staff of tribal VR programs to think about how they use their time at work. This was used at a grant writing workshop to get grant writers focused on the time needed to write their proposals.

An Overview – Grant Application Process and Submission Review (PowerPoint)

The Grant Application Process and Submission Review PowerPoint presentation is used at the beginning of every grant writing training. This gives the grant writers and directors of the tribal VR Programs a good overview of the processes that will occur in the next 4-6 months that we work with them.

Federal Regulations (PowerPoint)

This PowerPoint slide is given hand-in-hand with all the rules and regulations that apply to the tribal VR Programs:

  1. How to read the Code of Federal Regulations and,
  2. Regulations you should know

Proposal Development Tool-kit (PDF)

This 44-page tool-kit provides direction and examples of how to write each section of the Vocational Rehabilitation Services Projects for American Indians with Disabilities application kit. This tool-kit outlines the process tribal grant writers should follow for a successful grant application.

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