Professional Core Portfolio Requirements

Most people are familiar with portfolios developed by artists or photographers who gather their best or most representative work in a folder and share it with prospective employers or clients. Documenting professional development or learning in this way places the focus on actual achievements that are viewed directly, rather than on proxies of achievement like cumulative GPA or test scores that are only indirect indicators of learning.

The focus of a professional portfolio is, therefore, to show others what you can do with your knowledge and skills and not simply imply that knowledge or skills have been acquired because you have a diploma. Portfolios are really the cornerstone of a learner-centered approach to education because you, as a student, will use what you have learned to complete relevant tasks.

As a PRM major, you will be completing a "Professional Portfolio" as part of your university experience. Your professional portfolio will include work from your undergraduate education, which exemplifies your skills, knowledge, and abilities. Your professional portfolio should be representative of "who you are as an advanced learner about to enter the professional world". Your portfolio is more than a "bunch of assignments" lumped together to meet one of the requirements of PRM 498C: Senior Seminar (yes, you will be asked to review your professional portfolio in your capstone course PRM 498C: Senior Seminar). Your professional portfolio should represent who you are, what you learned and experienced, and what you created during your four year degree program at an institution of higher learning. It should be something you are PROUD to share with friends, family, and colleagues.

How Will You Keep Or Store Your PRM Professional Portfolio?

You should keep your professional portfolio in any digital file. However you choose to keep or store your professional portfolio, it is your responsibility to collect and maintain the portfolio for reflection and discussion in PRM 498C: Senior Seminar.

What Will You Include in Your PRM Professional Portfolio?

During your educational experience as a Parks and Recreation Management major, you will produce many valuable and substantive products to include in your professional portfolio. Of course you may include any items you wish in the portfolio, but the list below provides an indication of what assignments are requested by the PRM faculty for inclusion in your PRM Professional Portfolio. You may see the following symbol by some assignments to indicate that it is a Professional Portfolio assignment.


PRM Professional Core Portfolio Requirements

  • PRM 205 Altruism/Random Acts of Kindness Assignment
  • PRM 220 Philosophy Paper  
  • PRM 252 Activity File 
  • PRM 275 Recreation Program Proposal 
  • PRM 326 Inclusion Plan 
  • PRM 346W Final Outdoor Recreation Paper 
  • PRM 350 Cultural Interviews  
  • PRM 360 Brochure, Newsletter, Exhibit or Audio Visual Project 
  • PRM 383 Feasibility Study 
  • PRM 426 Grant Assignment 
  • PRM 447 Research Proposal 
  • PRM 498C Senior Research Paper 

PRM Professional Emphasis or Minor Portfolio Requirements

Outdoor Education & Leadership Emphasis

  • PRM 352 Experiential Learning Final Individual Lesson Plan 
  • PRM 411 LNT Master Educator Certificate 
  • PRM 431 Certificate of Outdoor Leadership 
  • PRM 452 Outdoor Program Planning Non-Profit [OR] For-Profit Case Study 

Community and Commercial Emphasis

  •  PRM 280 Camp Program Assignment 
  • PRM 300 Ecotour Assignment 
  • PRM 325 Event Report 
  • PRM 423 Master Plan 
  • PRM 350 Cultural Interviews  


Individual Emphasis or Minor

  • Student will work with their advisor to identify a minimum of three student products that are representative of their Emphasis or Minor.