PRM Courses on the Internet

We offer the first (2003) and still only NRPA accredited online Bachelor of Science degree in Parks and Recreation Management.

The program of study for the Bachelor of Science degree in Park and Recreation Management is the same as the one offered to our campus students at the Flagstaff Mountain campus.  The NAU Parks and Recreation Management extended campus degree requires 120 hours of credit, including a 45-hour professional core.

Extended Campuses (online out-of-state) All PRM core courses are offered online. Extended campus students usually combine NAU distance classes with previous or concurrent college coursework from other institutions to meet the 120 hour requirement. Most extended campus students take the PRM core courses and either the Community/Commercial or Individual emphases from NAU, but may also include liberal studies courses from their local community college or other institutions.

The PRM Certificate was designed to meet the needs of individuals currently working in the parks and recreation field who wish to strengthen their professional background. In addition, it provides an opportunity for individuals without a park and recreation background to achieve a sound academic foundation in this field.

The difference between a "Certificate" and a "Minor" is the Certificate was designed for non-matriculating, non-traditional students. The PRM Minor is for degree seeking students with other than a PRM Major. The PRM Certificate consists of five PRM classes (15 hours) delivered via the Internet.

Online course directory

PRM 205 Happiness (AHI Liberal Study) (3). This course will investigate the contemporary concepts of “happiness,” from a multi-disciplinary approach. The course will focus on applying happiness and mindfulness concepts to individual outcomes. Letter grade only. All Semesters


PRM 220 - Introduction to Parks and Recreation Management (3). History, philosophy, scope, and value of park and recreation services, their organization and relationship to other social institutions. Fall, Spring, & Summer.

PRM 252 Recreation Leadership and Supervision (3). Principles and techniques for effective leadership in the organization and operation of recreational activities. Fieldwork required. Fall & Spring

PRM 275 Program Planning (3). Introduces recreation program development. Course fee required.  Fall, Spring.


PRM 280 Camp Counseling (3). Purposes, standards, and trends in camping: counseling skills, problems of group outdoor living, program planning and general camp management. Fee required. Spring. 

PRM 300 - Ecotourism (3). Course will introduce students to the history, concepts, principles, marketing, planning and management of ecotourism activities and development. Summer & Winter

PRM 300 Ecotourism (CU Liberal Study & Global Diversity) (3). Course will introduce students to the history, concepts, principles, marketing, planning and management of ecotourism activities and development. Winter & Summer


PRM 325 Special Event Planning (3). The course introduces the students to special event planning processes and techniques. Emphasis is on creating, organizing, identifying sponsors, marketing and implementing large community events. Spring (campus students) & odd numbered years (distance students only)


PRM 326 - Inclusive Recreation (3). Concepts, methods, and settings involving inclusive recreational services as applied to persons with differing needs (i.e. persons with developmental/emotional/physical challenges). Fall, Spring & Summer

PRM 346W - Outdoor Recreation (3). A contemporary study of outdoor recreation concepts and trends related to activities, experiencs, resources protection, management, and education. This course fulfills NAU's junior-level writing requirment. Fall, Spring & Summer

PRM 350 Cultural Recreation (CU Liberal Study) (3). This course will introduce information about cultural differences, values, and expectations of human development, leadership, and organization, and cultural awareness in programming sports, language and aging in the United States. Letter grade only. Fall, Summer


PRM 352 Experiential Process in Outdoor Recreation (3). Description of experiential processes, design for experiential recreational activities, process assessment, and field practices. Prerequisite: PRM 331. Spring

PRM 360 Interpretation for Parks and Recreation (3). Theory, techniques, and applications of oral and written interpretation for parks and recreation management. Fall & Spring

PRM 383 - Community & Commercial Recreation Management (3). Overview of recreation service delivery systems in the local public and private sectors with emphasis on intersectoral differences. Fall & Spring.

PRM 408 - Internship in Parks and Recreation Management (6-12). A directed, full-time, professional work experience in a qualified parks and recreation management agency. This course is taken during the last semester before graduation. Fee required. Fall, Spring & Summer

PRM 423 - Recreation Facility and Area Planning (3). Planning, design, and operation of recreation facilities and adjoining areas. On-site visits supplement classroom principles. Fall.

PRM 426 - Parks and Recreation Administration and Finance (3). Theories, concepts, and practices of administration as they relate to the delivery of leisure services. Fall & Spring

PRM 447 - Research and Evaluation in Parks and Recreation Management (3). Empirical research methods used in leisure service delivery programs; how to chose and apply selective research methods and software packages; design, collection and analysis of information; program evaluation; reporting results; interpreting research literature. Prerequisite: STA 270 or any Intro. to Statistics class. Spring & Summer.

PRM 452 Outdoor Recreation Program Administration (3). Course will focus on management issues and techniques of outdoor programs. Spring

PRM 498 Senior Seminar (3). A capstone course integrates coursework through focus on contemporary issues and problems. Prerequisite: Senior status. Fall & Spring.