Jessica Barnes 100x100
Jessica R. Barnes, Ph.D. Lecturer
Phone: (928)523-2431
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room 249
Curriculum Vitae - At NAU since 2014

See bio


Ph.D., Geography, The Ohio State University, 2014
M.A., Geography, The Ohio State University, 2009
B.A., Geography and English, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, 2007

Professional experience 

2014-present, Human geography lecturer, Department of Geography, Planning, and Recreation, Northern Arizona University
Sept 2007-December 2013, Graduate teaching associate, Department of Geography, The Ohio State University

Selected publications 

Barnes, J. 2013. Telling Stories of Climate Change Here: Print Journalists’ Practices for Localizing Climate Change. Aether XII: 1-23.
Barnes, J. R. 2009. Op-Ed: Geographers should be more vocal on climate change. AAG Newsletter. 44(5, May): 11.


Aaron Divine, MS, Lecturer
PRM Program Coordinator
Phone: 928-523-7835
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room 268
At NAU since 2007

See bio


MS in Forestry, Wildland Impact Monitoring emphasis, Northern Arizona University
BS in Parks and Recreation, Outdoor Leadership emphasis, Northern Arizona University

Professional experience

Faculty Lecturer, Parks and Recreation Management, Northern Arizona University: September 2007-present
Research Associate, Department of Geography, Planning and Recreation, Northern Arizona University: February 2000-present
Academic Adviser, Distance Learning, Northern Arizona University: January-September 2007

Recent papers and presentations

Divine, Aaron K. and Pamela E. Foti. 2008. “Grand Canyon National Park, Rapid Site Inventory Summary Report.” DOA / NPS internal report.
Foti, Pamela E. and Aaron K. Divine. 2007. “Indian Creek Climbing Area – Climbing and Camping Impacts: Final Report” presented BLM Monticello, UT.
Foti, Pamela E. and Aaron K. Divine. 2006. “Grand Canyon Backcountry Campsite and Human Impact Inventory: Final Report” Grand Canyon National Park, AZ.

Kathleen Finlayson
Kathleen Finlayson, MEd, Instructor
Phone: 928-523-2650
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Rm 264
At NAU since 2017

See bio


2013, M.Ed., Education, Northern Arizona University
1995, B.S., Parks and Recreation Management, Northern Arizona University
Professional experience 

I have worked within the field of parks and recreation for most of my life, beginning at age 14 as an assistant softball coach, where I caught the bug to eventually work within the field of parks and recreation. I appreciate every opportunity I was given to create and improve the quality of life for members of my community and their families through municipal and non-profit programming. Programming for the youth and teen population has always been a passion, which lead me into teaching, and ultimately obtaining my master's degree. I never knew that I was a teacher until I was one, always creating thematic units and implementing an element of historic significance into programming and training. My personal philosophy is that learning and training should have meaning, grit, and contain elements of fun, energy, and intrigue to solidify the learning objective. I'm excited to be teaching here at Northern Arizona University where I can share my successes and failures with students and help facilitate their learning and passions to become future parks and recreation professionals. 

Pamela E. Foti, PhD, Professor
Phone: 928-523-6196
Fax: 928-523-2275
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room 260
At NAU since 1987- Homepage 

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PhD in Philosophy, University of Wisconsin 1988 
MS, University of Nevada, Reno 
BS, Ohio State University 

Current research projects

Grant Staircase-Escalante National Monument Monitoring: Backcountry and Dispersed Camping 
Arizona Strip District, BLM, Recreation Impact Monitoring 
Aravaipa Wilderness, BLM, Recreation Impact Monitoring 
Red Cliffs Desert Preserve, Recreation Impact Monitoring 
Sonoran Desert National Monument, Recreation Impact Inventory/Monitoring 
Montrose Colorado BLM, Recreation Impact Assessment 

Technical reports

Foti, Pamela E. (June, 2011). A Report of the Recreational Impacts on Red Cliffs Desert Tortoise Reserve. Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, Governing Board. St. George, UT. 
Foti, Pamela E. (June, 2010). A Report of the Recreational Impacts on Dry Creek Recreation Area and the San Miguel River (Montrose BLM).  
Foti, Pamela E. (May, 2010). A Report of Backcountry and Dispersed Recreation Impacts. AZ Strip BLM, St. George, UT. 
Foti, Pamela E. (March, 2010). Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument: Backcountry and Dispersed Recreation Impacts. Prepared for the GSENM, BLM, UT. 
Foti, Pamela E. (November, 2008). Gunnison Gorge NCA: River Recreation Impact Assessment. Prepared for Gunnison Gorge, NCA, BLM. 
Foti, Pamela E. (December, 2009). Recreation Impacts in Table Mesa and Agua Fria NM, BLM. Prepared for the Phoenix Field Office.

Charles Hammersley, PhD, Professor
Parks and Recreation Management Program Coordinator
Phone: 928-523-6655 
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room 255
At NAU since 1997 - Homepage 

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PhD, University of New Mexico, 1988
MEd, Georgia State University
BS, University of Florida

Professional experience

Associate Professor, Northern Arizona University, 2000-present
Assistant Professor, Northern Arizona University, 1997-2000
Assistant Professor, University of Main- Presque Isle, 1993-1997


Hammersley, C. H. (2004). Whitewater Sports. In Cross, G. (Ed.),Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America (pp. 416-417), New York: Charles Scribner's Sons
Hammersley, C. H. (2003). Teaching on the Internet: the Future of Higher
Education? In S. H. Harvey & R. Geibert (Eds.), Web-Wise Learning:
wisdom from the field (pp. 277-295), Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris.
Hammersley, C.H. (2002). Computer Applications in Leisure Services.
Retrieved on December 5, 2006 from
Hammersley, C.H. (1998). Computer Applications in Leisure Services. [Online].

Ruihong Huang, PhD, Associate Professor
GIS Certificate Program Advisor
Phone: 928-523-8219
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room 240
At NAU since 2003

See bio


PhD, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2003
MS, Zhongshan (Sun Yat-sen) University, China, 1988
BS, Hunan Normal University, China, 1985

Academic positions

August, 2009 – Present, Associate Professor, Northern Arizona University
August, 2003 – 2009, Assistant Professor, Northern Arizona University
1996-1997, Visiting Scholar, School of Survey, University of East London, U.K.
1988-1998, Lecturer, Department of Geography, Zhongshan (Sun Yat-sen) University

Recent publications

Ruihong Huang and Dawn Hawley, 2009, A Data Model and Internet GIS Framework for Safe Routes to School, URISA Journal. 21(1):21-30.
Huang, Ruihong and Christina B. Kennedy, 2008. Discovering the Geography of Land Values by Hidden Markov Models, in T.J. Cova et al. (Eds.): GIScience 2008, LNCS 5266, pp.70-89.
Huang, Ruihong and Zhong-Ren Peng, 2008. A Spatiotemporal Data model for Dynamic Transit Networks, International Journal of Geographic Information Science. 22(5): 527-545.
Huang, Ruihong, 2008. Modeling Transit Networks by GML for Distributed Transit Trip Planners, Journal of Spatial Science. 53(1):1-15.
Huang, Ruihong, 2007. A Schedule-based Pathfinding Algorithm for Transit Networks Using Pattern First Search, GeoInformatica. 11:269-285.

R. Dawn Hawley, PhD, Professor
GSP Program Coordinator
Phone: 928-523-1251
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room 254
At NAU since 1991

See bio


PhD, Arizona State University, 1994
MA, University of Nebraska, Omaha
BA, Baylor University

Tai Elizabeth Johnson, PhD, Lecturer
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room TBA
At NAU since 2017

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PhD, History, University of Arizona
MS, Geographic Information Systems Technology, University of Arizona
MA, History, Northern Arizona University
BA, History, West Virginia University

Alan A. Lew, PhD, AICP, Professor
Department Chair
Phone: 928-523-6567
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room 230
At NAU since 1986 - Homepage 

See bio


Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism, 2011
American Institute of Certified Planners, 1991
PhD, University of Oregon, Eugene, 1986
Master of Urban Planning, University of Oregon, Eugene, 1983
MA, Geography, University of Oregon, Eugene, 1983
BA, Geography, University of Hawaii, Hilo, 1981

Professional experience

Editor-in-Chief, Tourism Geographies: An International Journal of Tourism Space, Place and Environment (Routledge, UK), since 1999
Vice-Chair, Commission on the Geography of Tourism, Leisure and Global Change of the International Geographical Union, since 2008
Board Member, Arizona Planning Association chapter of the American Planning Association, since 2010 
External Assessor, Sustainable Tourism M.S.Sc. degree programme, Department of Geography, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, since 2010 
Fulbright Research Scholar, Department of Hospitality and Tourism, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, 2012
Corresponding Professor, Institute for Tourism Research, Department of Land Resource and Tourism, Nanjing University, China, since 2012

Publications (selected)

Williams, Stephen and Lew, A.A. 2014. Tourism Geography, 3rd edition. Oxford: Routledge.
Lew, A.A.; Hall, C.M. and Williams, A.M. editors, 2014. The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Tourism. Oxford: Blackwell.
Lew, A.A.; Hall, C.Michael; and Timothy, Dallen. 2011. World Regional Geography: Tourism Destinations, Human Mobilities, Sustainable Environments. Des Moine, IA: Kendall-Hunt.
Hall, C.Michael and Lew, A.A. 2009. Understanding and Managing Tourism Impacts: An Integrated Approach. London: Routledge.
Cartier, Carolyn L. and Lew, A.A., eds. 2005. Seductions of Place: Geographical Perspectives on Globalization and Touristed Landscapes. London: Routledge.

Ma, Ling and Lew, A.A. 2012. Historical and Geographical Context in Festival Tourism Development. Journal of Heritage Tourism, (print version forthcoming).
Huang, Xiang; Bao, Jigang, and Lew, A.A. 2011. Nature-based Tourism Resources Privatization in China: A System Dynamic Analysis of Opportunities and Risks. Tourism Recreation Research 36(2): 99-111.
Lew, A.A. 2008. Long Tail Tourism: New geographies for marketing niche tourism products. Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing 25(3/4): 409-419.
Lew, A.A. 2007. Tourism Planning and Traditional Urban Planning Theory: Planners as Agents of Social Change. Leisure/Loisir: Journal of the Canadian Association of Leisure Studies, 31(2):383-392. 
Lew, A.A. and McKercher, Bob. 2006. Modeling the Movement of Tourists in a Local Destination. Annals of Tourism Research 33(2): 403-423.

Hughes, Amy and Lew, A.A. 2012. Real food on the Colorado Plateau: Planning for community food systems in Flagstaff, Arizona. In C.M. Hall and S. Gössling, eds., Sustainable Culinary Systems - Local Foods, Innovation, and Tourism and Hospitality, Oxford: Routledge (forthcoming).
Lew, A.A. 2012. Marketing and Tourism Geographies. In J. Wilson, ed., The Routledge Handbook of Tourism Geographies. Routledge: (forthcoming).
Lew, A.A. 2010.  Defining and Redefining Conceptual Frameworks for Social Science Field Research. In C.M. Hall, ed., Fieldwork in Tourism: Methods, Issues and Reflections, pp. 19-34. London: Routledge.

John Lynch
John Lynch, MA, Lecturer
Phone: 928-523-2650
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room 266
At NAU since 2012

See bio


MA in Sustainable Communities, Thesis on Ecopsychology and Outdoor Education, Northern Arizona University
BS in Parks and Recreation, Emphasis in Outdoor & Experiential Education, Northern Arizona University

Professional Experience

Faculty Lecturer, Parks and Recreation Management, Northern Arizona University: 2012-present
Research Associate, Department of Geography, Planning and Recreation, Northern Arizona: 2002-2012
EMT, Guardian Medical Transport: 2005-2007
Peace Corps Volunteer, Guatemala: 2008
Outward Bound Instructor: 2001-2008
NOLS Instructor: 2005

Papers and Presentations

Lynch, John & Pamela E. Foti. (2011). “Canyonlands National Park, Rapid Site Inventory Summary Report.” DOA/NPS internal report.
Lynch, John (2011). Lessons From Kanab. Gatherings: Journal of the International Community for Ecopsychology, Nov. issue, 2011. Retrieved from:
Lynch, John (2011). Ecocentric Outdoor Education: Expanding Curricula Through the Language of Ecopsychology. Retrieved from Pro Quest.

Mark Maciha, EdD, Assistant Professor of Practice
Park Ranger Training Program Director
Phone: 928-523-8242
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room 264
At NAU since 2012

See bio


MEd, Educational Leadership-Higher Education, Northern Arizona University 2009
MA, Political Science-Fire and Emergency Management, Oklahoma State University 1999
BS, Police Science and Administration, Northern Arizona University 1983

Professional certifications

Certified Park and Recreation Professional, National Recreation and Park Association
Certified Park Operator-Lifetime, National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds

Professional experience

Chief Park Ranger/Park Rancher, National Park Service, 1979-2007

Professional associations

Arizona Park and Recreation Association
National Park Service Employees and Alumni Association-Life Member
National Recreation and Park Association

Mark Manone, MA, Associate Professor of Practice
Phone: 928-523-9159
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room 250
At NAU since 2010

See bio


Northern Arizona University, MA 2009 Rural Geography (GIS/Remote Sensing)\
Northern Arizona University, BS 1992 Geography/GIS


Assistant Professor of Practice, Geography, Planning and Recreation 2010-present
Director, Geospatial Research and Information Lab 2010-present
Adjunct Faculty, Dine’ College, 2008-present
ESRI Authorized GIS Instructor 2003-2009

Selected publications

Androwski, J., A. Springer, T. Acker, M. Manone. 2010. Wind-Powered Desalination: An Estimate of Saline Groundwater in the U.S. Journal of the American Water Resources Association.
Hoisch, T.S., Newell, S, Manone, M.F. and Austin, B. 2010. Application of tablet PCs to lecture demonstrations on mineral optics. Journal of Geoscience Education. 
Manone, M.F., Umhoefer P.J. and Garcia, P. 2006, Integrating emerging Technologies Throughout the Geology Undergraduate Curriculum: Using Tablet PCs, Wireless Networks, and Digital Geospatial Data in the Classroom, Lab, and Field,1st annual Workshop on the Impact of Pen-based Technology on Education. "The Impact of Pen-based Technology on Education: Vignettes, Evaluations, and Future Directions" editors Dave Berque, Jane Prey, and Rob Reed. Purdue University Press.
Manone, M. 2004, Comparative assessment of short term volume change on sandbars using digital softcopy stereo-photogrammetry versus two-dimentsional planimetric photogrammetry, Final report to the Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center, cooperative agreement # 1425-98-FC-40-22630, pp 38
Manone, M.F., and Mietz, S., 2001 Preliminary evaluation of LIDAR data acquired rior to and following the September 2001 Colorado River experimental flow, Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program Science Symposium Proceedings, Flagstaff, Az. April 26-27.

Recent research awards

Grand Canyon National Park – Development of Arcaeology Geodatabase. 2010. PI. $10,683
National Science Foundation – ITEST, Examine Your Environement with the Power of Data (EYE-POD), 2009. Co-PI. $926,000
Science Foundation Arizona, - Harnessing the Power of Data, 2009, Co-PI. $400,017
TRIF – ERDENE - 2009. Devlopement of online GIS workshop modules and ArcGI server interface for Arizona GIS base data. PI. $48,756 
HP Technology for Teaching Leadership Grant - 2005, $168,000. Principal Investigator

Judy Montoya, MA, Principal Lecturer
Work Phone: 928-523-8523
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room 258
Curriculum Vitae - At NAU since 1997

See bio


MA, University of New Mexico, 1985
BA, Western New Mexico University

Professional experience

Northern Arizona University, Part-time Instructor and Full-time Senior Lecturer, 1997-present
University of Maine- Presque Isle, Part-time Instructor, 1993-1997
University of Idaho, Assistant Director Campus Recreation/Director Intramural Sports, 1989-1993

Professional associations

National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association- Certified Recreational Sports Specialist
National Recreation and Park Association- SPRE & NTRS member
Arizona Park and Recreation Association- Professional ember

Dr. Peterson 100x100
Brian C. Petersen, PhD, Assistant Professor
Phone: 928-523-9446
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room 248


See bio


PhD Environmental Studies, University of California Santa Cruz
MS Forest Resources, University of Washington
Masters of Public Administration, University of Washington
BS Environmental Science, University of Idaho

Research Interest

My research and teaching interests center around sustainability and climate change adaptation. My background is in Environmental Studies. I draw on critical geography in my research and teaching. Currently, my research analyzes responses to climate change to meet societal and conservation objectives. This includes research into natural resource management and planning as well as projects looking at how cities are adapting to climate change. I teach graduate courses on Social Ecological Systems and Planning for Sustainable Communities. I serve on graduate committees for students from across campus and am interested in working with students pursuing research projects and practicums broadly related to my interest areas.


Petersen B. and D. Stuart D. 2017. Navigating critical thresholds in natural resource management: a case study of Olympic National Park. Journal of Extreme Events (4).

Doll, J.E., B. Petersen, C. Bode. 2017. Skeptical but adapting: what Midwestern farmers say about climate change. Weather, Climate, and Society (9): 739-751.

Gunderson, R., D. Stuart, B. Petersen. 2017. Ideological obstacles to effective climate policy: the greening of markets, technology, and growth. Capital and Class: 1-28.

Gunderson, R., Stuart, D., Petersen, B. 2016. Factory Farming: Impacts and Potential Solutions. In Agenda for Social Justice: Solutions for 2016. Edited by Muschert, G., Klocke, B., Perruci, R., Shefner, J. Policy Press, Bristol.

Petersen, B., S. Snapp. 2015. How to feed the world and protect the environment: expert views on sustainable intensification. Land Use Policy.

Petersen B, Montambault J, Koopman M. 2014. The potential for double-loop learning to enable landscape conservation efforts. Environmental Management 54 (4):782-794.

Petersen, B. and D. Stuart. 2014. Explanations of a changing landscape: a critical examination of the British Columbia bark beetle epidemic. Environment and Planning A 46:598-613.

Petersen, B. and A. Wellstead. 2014. Responding to a forest catastrophe: the emergence of new governance arrangements in southern California. ISRN Economics 2014:

Petersen, B., Hall, K.R., Kahl, K., Doran, P.J. 2013. In their own words: perceptions of climate change adaptation from the Great Lakes region’s resource management community. Environmental Practice 15, 377-392.

Lin, B., Petersen, B. 2013. Resilience, regime shifts and guided transition under climate change: examining the practical difficulties of managing continually changing ecosystems. Ecology and Society 18

Cross, M.S., Zavaleta, E.S., Bachelet, D., Brooks, M.L., Enquist, C.A.F., Fleishman, E., Graumlich, L.J., Groves, C.R., Hannah, L., Hansen, L., Hayward, G., Koopman, M., Lawler, J.J., Malcolm, J., Nordgren, J., Petersen, B., Rowland, E.L., Scott, D., Shafer, S.L., Shaw, M.R., Tabor, G.M., 2012. The Adaptation for Conservation Targets (ACT) Framework: A Tool for Incorporating Climate Change into Natural Resource Management. Environmental Management 50, 341-351.

Levin, K. and B. Petersen. 2011. Tradeoffs in the policy process in advancing climate change adaptation: the case of Australia’s Great Eastern Ranges Initiative. Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research 3, 145-162.

West, J.M., S.H. Julius, P. Kareiva, C. Enquist, J.J. Lawler, B. Petersen, A.E. Johnson, M.R. Shaw. 2009. U.S. natural resources and climate change: concepts and approaches for management adaptation. Environmental Management 44, 1001-1021.


Erik Schiefer, PhD, Associate Professor
Graduate Programs Coordinator 
Phone: 928-523-6535
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room 242
Homepage - At NAU since 2008

See bio


PhD, University of British Colombia, 2004
MSc, University of British Colombia, 1999
BS, Wilfrid Laurier University, 1997

Research experience

Northern Arizona University, Assistant Professor, 2009-current
University of British Colombia, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2007-2009
Western Canadian Cryospheric Network, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2006-2007
Queen's University, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2005-2006

Selected publications

Schiefer, E., Gilbert, R., and Hassan, M. 2011. A Lake Sediment-Based Proxy of Floods in the Rocky Mountain Front Range, Canada. Journal of Paleolimnology 45: 137-149.
Schiefer, E., Hassan, M., Menounos, B., Pelpola, C., and Slaymaker, O. 2010. Inter-Decadal Controls of Total Sediment Yield in a Montane Catchment, Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Canada. Geomorphology 118: 207-212.
Berthier, E., Schiefer, E, Clarke, G.K.C., Menounos, B., and Rémy, F. 2010. Ice Loss and Sea Level Rise, Contributions from Alaskan Glaciers. Nature Geoscience 3: 92-95.
Schiefer, E. and Menounos, B. 2010. Climatic and Morphometric Controls on the Altitudinal Range of Glaciers, British Columbia, Canada. Holocene 20: 517-560.
Schiefer, E. Menounos, and Wheate, R. 2008. An Inventory and Morphometric Analysis of British Columbia Glaciers, Canada. Journal of Glaciology 54: 551-560.

Amanda B. Stan, Ph.D. Lecturer
Phone: 928-523-2491
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room 201
At NAU since 2013 - Homepage 

See bio


PhD, University of British Columbia, 2008
MS, Northern Illinois University, 2001
BS, Northern Illinois University, 1999

Professional Experience

2013-present, Lecturer, Department of Geography, Planning and Recreation, Northern Arizona University
2011-2013, Research Associate, School of Forestry, Northern Arizona University
2009-2011, Research Associate, Ecological Restoration Institute and School of Forestry, Northern Arizona University
2007-2009, Research Assistant, Tree-Ring Lab, University of British Columbia

Selected Publications

Stan, A.B., P.Z. Fulé, K.B. Ireland, and J.S. Sanderlin. (Submitted). Modern burning by Native Americans resembles historical fire regime.
Ireland, K.B., A.B. Stan, and P.Z. Fulé. 2012. Bottom-up control of a northern Arizona ponderosa pine forest fire regime in a fragmented landscape. Landscape Ecology 27:983-997.
Stan, A.B., T.B. Maertens, L.D. Daniels, and S. Zeglen. 2011. Reconstructing population dynamics of yellow-cedar in declining stands: baseline information from tree rings. Tree-Ring Research 67:13-25.
Stan, A.B. and L.D. Daniels. 2010. Growth releases of three shade-tolerant species following canopy gap formation in old-growth forests. Journal of Vegetation Science 21:74-87.


R. Marieke Taney, MS, Lecturer
Phone: 928-523-2384
Fax: 928-523‐2275
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room 270
At NAU since 2008 - CurriculumVitae 

See bio


MS, Northern Arizona University, 2002 
BS, Northern Arizona University, 1996

Professional associations

Grand Canyon River Guides
Grand Canyon Youth
Kachina Peaks Avalanche Center
American Whitewater

Professional experience

Northern Arizona University, Distance Learning Instructor: August, 2008-current
Canyon Explorations/Expeditions, Grand Canyon, Colorado River Guide: August, 2000-current (summer seasonal)
Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center, Grand Canyon, Colorado River Guide: September, 2002-current (summer seasonal)
Alaska Rendezvou Heli-Ski Guides, Helicopter Ski Guide: March/April 2006-current (spring seasonal)

Margo Wheeler 100x
Margo Wheeler, MURS, FAICP, Lecturer
Phone: 928-523-1579
Fax: 928-523‐2275
Office: SBS West/Bld 70, Room 201
At NAU since 2014 - Curriculum Vitae 

See bio


- Masters of Urban & Regional Studies, University of Southern California, 1981
- Bachelor of Arts in Economics, California State University Los Angeles, 1977

Professional experience (selected)

- Director of Planning, Palm Springs, CA 2013 – 2014
- Director of Planning, Las Vegas, NV 2001 – 2011
- Comparable positions in the cities of Monterey Park, Davis, Bellflower, CA 1988 – 2001

Professional leadership

- Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners, 2014
- Chair, American Planning Association of City Planning & Management Division, 2009 – 2012
- Directors’ Council American City Quality Foundation, 2006 – 2014
- American Institute of Certified Planners, 1991

Educational experience 

- California State University, San Bernardino, Department of Public Administration Graduate School, adjunct lecturer, 2013 – 2014
- University of Nevada, Las Vegas, School of Architecture, Land Architecture and Planning, guest lecturer, 2005 – 2010


Graduate advisor topics- for MS degree applicants


GPR staff

Dana Mandino
Administrative Associate 
Phone: 928-523-7988
Fax: 928-523-2275
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Ke-Sheng Bao
System Support
Phone: 928-523-0587
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Emeritus, adjunct, part-time, past and affiliated faculty

Samantha Arundel, PhD (Arizona State University) Climate change, plant geography, arid southwest, GIS and spatial modelling, and remote sensing.

G. Lenn Berlin, PhD (University of Tennessee) Emeritus Regents' Professor. Remote sensing, arid lands, geomorphology, natural hazards. NAU 1969 to 1981, and 1987 to 2011. E-mail: 

Pat Chavez, MS (Northern Arizona University) USGS Physical Scientist (retired); Adjunct Research Professor, remote sensing. E-mail: 

Robert Clark, PhD (University of Denver) Emeritus Professor. Geomorphology, climatology, Meteorology, arid lands, cartography, Anglo-America, and world.

Carolyn M. Daugherty, PhD (Arizona State University) Emeritus Professor. Rural and small town planning, site planning, environmental resource planning. At NAU 1995 to 2010.

Philip A. Davis, Jr., PhD (University of Kentucky) Research Geologist-USGS; Adjunct Professor. Remote sensing, environmental geology, GIS. 

Leland R. Dexter, PhD (University of Colorado, Boulder) GISP, Emeritus Professor. GIS, computer cartography, geomorphology, climatology, and highland geography. 

Kathy Dodd, MEd (BS, MEd Texas A & M University) Park ranger training, Cultural resource protection. NAU 2008-2011. 

Neil Gullickson, BA, BS (Northern Arizona University) Planner, City of Flagstaff; Instructor. Physical planning, urban design, and planning practice. 

Christina B. Kennedy, PhD (University of Arizona) Emeritus Professor. Landscape studies, environmental perception, geography of film, resource management, environmental studies. At NAU 1995 to 2010. 

James L. Sell, PhD (University of Arizona) Cultural geography, environment/behavior/design, landscape perception and planning, citizen participation, environmental and geographic education, United States. NAU 2005-2011. 

Stanley W. Swarts, PhD (University of California, Los Angeles) Emeritus Professor. Geomorphology, climatology, soils, land use planning, American Southwest, arid lands, cartography. 

Harry Tsutsui, Ph.D. (Oregon State University) Emeritus Professor. Physical Geography, Climatology. 

George A. Van Otten, PhD (Oregon State University) Dean of Advanced Training and Education, Army Intelligence School, Fort Huachuca, Arizona; Emeritus Professor, rural resource management, cultural, economic, and agricultural geography, geopolitics, Native Americans, rural planning.  

Kim William Watson, BS (Ohio State University) Supervisory Park Ranger, National Park Service; Instructor. Public land and environmental planning, long range planning, resource protection, visitor management and education.


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