Geography, Planning and Graduate Programs

Geography is a keystone in understanding the inter-relationships between the earth and humankind.

Our department emphasizes careers in Geospatial Technologies, focusing on GIS, and in Community Planning. Our graduates play important roles in:

  • Local and state government
  • Federal land management agencies
  • International development organizations
  • Private sector land development and resource management companies

If you want to go into a career in GIS, geospatial technologies, city, regional or community planning and sustainability, or tourism, check out our degrees, minors and certificates.

Undergraduate BS Degree

Undergraduate Minors

  • Community Design
  • Geographic Science and Community Planning 
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Parks and Recreation Management
  • Sustainable Community Planning
  • Tourism and Leisure Planning
  • Physical Geography
  • Remote Sensing
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  • To sign up for one of our minors, send an email request to the SBS Office of Academic Advising at: 

Integrated BS–MS Degrees Program 

  • We offer an integrated bachelor to master degree program that offers highly qualified and mature undergraduate students in either Parks and Recreation Management or Geographic Science and Community Planning the opportunity to complete both their BS and MS degrees in five years.
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Graduate Degrees

  • Master of Science in Applied Geospatial Sciences
    • Thesis and Non-Thesis Plans
    • Geospatial Technologies Emphasis
    • Community Planning & Outdoor Recreation Emphasis
    • Custom Emphasis
  • (The Master of Administration degree, Land Use Planning emphasis is no longer offered at NAU)

Graduate Certificates