Community Planning Graduate Certificate

Do you want a career in rural or urban planning—one of today’s leading fields— but aren’t seeking a degree? Then our community planning certificate may be for you.

In this certificate program, you’ll learn:

  • fundamental as well as advanced knowledge of professional planning practices
  • the elements of efficient and ethical land use
  • real world and practical skills and technologies

Required courses and degree information

Go to the NAU academic catalog for more details on courses and certificate information. (In the Search Degrees box, enter "planning certificate".)

More Questions?

Please see our FAQ for Graduate Certificate Applicants

Apply now

To apply for the community planning graduate certificate:

  1. Write a one-page Statement of Interest to the department in which you explain: (a) Why do you want to pursue this certificate? (b) What are your educational goals?
  2. Complete the application form on the Graduate College website; include your Statement of Interest and a scanned copy of your previous college transcripts.
  3. Arrange for an official copy of your previous college transcripts to be submitted to the NAU Graduate College.
  4. Arrange for a reference to submit a letter through the NAU Graduate College website (information on doing this will be provided when you submit the application form).

Professional planning jobs

  • local government 
  • federal land management agencies
  • international development organizations
  • private sector land development companies
  • community development divisions
  • city and county planning departments