MS in Applied Geospatial Sciences application forms

The following forms are provided in Microsoft Word format for downloading to your word processor. You can print this page and use it as a Checklist to ensure that you have submitted all the application material. 

Please note that your application will not be reviewed until all of the required material has been submitted.  

  1. NAU Graduate College Online Application (required) - For the MS Applied Geospatial Sciences degree, submit online through the NAU Graduate College.
  2. Official Undergraduate College Transcripts (required) - Send to the NAU Graduate College. If you are an NAU student, this will be provided automatically.
  3. GPR Thesis/Practicum Academic Advisor Agreement (required) - This is submittted online through the Graduate College application site, or by email confirmation to the GPR Graduate Programs Coodinator.
    • Click here for a list of GPR graduate faculty advisors and topics.
  4. GPR Letter of Recommendation (required) - This is submittted online through the Graduate College application site.
    • a minimum of three letters are required for the MS degree
    • BS-MS Integrated Program applicants must submit four letters, two from NAU instructors and two from references outside of NAU
    • GIS and Community Planning Certificate applications only require one letter of recommendation
  5.  GPR Graduate Assistantship and Tuition Waiver (optional) - This is submittted online through the Graduate College application site BS-MS Integrated Program applicants do not qualify for these until after they have completely finished their BS degree.

NAU Graduate Assistant Benefits information 

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Waiver of non-resident portion of tuition: Graduate assistantship for 10 (or more) hours per week for the entire semester receives waiver of non-resident (out-of-state) portion of tuition.

Partial waiver of resident portion of tuition*: Graduate Assistantship for 20 hours per week for entire semester receives a 75% tution waiver for the semester. Graduate assistantship for 10-19 hours per week for an entire semester receive a 37.5% tuition waiver. All graduate assistants receive this partial waiver, both Arizona residents and non-residents.

Health insurance*: Graduate Assistantships for 20 hours per week for entire semester receive a subsidy to cover a single student's health insurance (if student signs up for health insurance).

*If a graduate assistant is paid from a grant or local account, the account will be charged for the tuition and/or health insurance. If a graduate assistant is paid from a state account, the tuition waiver and health insurance will be paid from a Graduate College account.

Other Required Forms and Material

  1. Statement of Interest and Intent (required) - Submit to the Geography, Planning and Recreation Department. This is an essay in which you describe what you which to pursue or concentrate on in your graduate education. Your potential thesis/practicum advisor will probably want to review this before you submit it.
  2. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores (required) - Submit to the Northern Arizona University. 
    • A combined score of 1000 on the Verbal and Math portions is preferred; students with lower scores may be admitted with conditions. 
    • TOEFL scores are also required for international students. 
    • The GRE is not required for BS-MS Integrated Program applications. 
    • Student may be admitted provisionally without the GRE scores. However, the exam is still required and additional deficiency requirements (courses) may be added to the student's course load based on the results of the GRE.
  3. Course of Study (required only for the BS-MS Integrated Program) - Submit to the Geography, Planning and Recreation Department.
    • Use this Sample Course of Study as a general guide. The purpose of the Course of Study is to clearly indicate that you will be able to complete the BS and MS degrees in a timely and efficient manner. This document should be developed in consultation with your MS Advisor and approved by the MS Advisor prior to submission.
GPR Graduate Admission Criteria & FAQ