About the SBS Compassion Project

The SBS Compassion Project was founded in April, 2010, initiated by a generous donation from local NAU supporters and physicians Drs. Jean Malecki-Friedland and James Friedland. The mission of the SBS Compassion Project is to provide opportunities for NAU and northern Arizona communities to come together to explore the multi-dimensional nature of compassion: its philosophical, psychological, and spiritual roots; its cultivation and expression; its importance, relevance, and application in our everyday lives.  Please look for our upcoming events!  

Advisory Committee

Our SBS Compassion Project Advisory Committee consists of Heidi Wayment (Psychology; Project Coordinator), Dorothy Dunn (Nursing, Project Co-Coordinator), Jean Malecki-Friedland, James Friedland, and Andrea Houchard (Philosophy). We are seeing members, both NAU and/or community members—if you are interested, please contact Heidi.Wayment@nau.edu or Dorothy.Dunn@nau.edu for more information.