Event Details

2017 Living Compassion Conference: Mindful Compassion

 April 21, 2017 (8:30-4:00 pm; registration begins at 8:00 AM)

This one day conference provides NAU faculty, students, staff, and community members an opportunity to learn about compassion and compassion-inspired work taking place in the NAU and Flagstaff communities. The event will be held in the NAU DuBois ballroom on South Campus. The opening session begins at 8:30 am, but come early to enjoy a few refreshments! Session speakers will be examining the value of compassion, its philosophical roots, its application to teaching and learning, and its relevance to service and being a part of one's community. In addition, there are four workshops to choose from (see program). 

There is no conference registration fee. In addition to lunch, refreshments will be available all day. Student volunteers will assist student in completing sign-up sheets if receiving credit for attendance. If community members are interested, a certificate of participation can also be received for conference attendance.
Please see this year's conference program. This program may be updated if there are any changes.
Although the conference is FREE, NAU parking is $7 for an all-day pass. For information about how and where to purchase a parking permit, see instructions about parking.
We will also have parking permits for sale outside the entrance to DuBois (near the parking lot) to facilitate parking for those traveling to NAU.
Over the lunch hour (along with free lunch!), there is a poster session. If you are interested in submitting a poster, please see our Welcome page for information.

NAU Documentary Premier - My Dad Matthew

The documentary, My Dad Matthew, a film by John Schaffer, will premier on February 23, at 7:00 PM at the Cline Library Assembly Hall, doors open at 6:30 PM (free admission). This documentary follows Matthew Wangeman, a Disability Studies professor at NAU with Cerebal Palsy. The film was created to bring awareness to the way people view disabilities and how Matthew and his family break the mainstream view of disabilities by living regular lives. The premier will be preceded by additional short films related to the theme of disability advocacy. Join Matthew and his son Elijah after the film for a discussion about disability, family, and what it means to be a regular dad. 

  • Dinner_Dean_ASNAU

    ASNAU Dinner with Dean

    On February 1, SBS students joined the SBS Dean, Karen Pugliesi, and Associate Dean, Heidi Wayment, for a Dinner with the Dean hosted by ASNAU and SBS. These students were able to ask questions and build a more professional relationship with the Dean and Associate Dean. "Karen, Heidi, and the students who attended had a great time. The location and the food were both perfect and we all enjoyed ourselves," said ASNAU Senator, Fernanda Martinez. Although there was a small group this year, we hope that more students join us for Dinner with the Dean next year!


Earth University - A Talk by Dr. Vandana Shiva 

When: Tuesday, November 15th, 7:00pm
Where: Prochnow Auditorium. Free.
Facebook Event

Dr. Vandana Shiva is an author, activist and scientific advisor who focuses on global food security and environmental sustainability. Dr. Shiva combines intellectual enquiry with activism, and her work spans teaching at universities worldwide to working with farmers in rural India. Her books The Violence of the Green Revolution and Monocultures of the Mind, pose essential challenges to the dominant paradigm of non-sustainable, industrial agriculture. Through her books Biopiracy, Stolen Harvest and Water Wars, Dr. Shiva outlines the social, economic and ecological costs of corporate-led globalization.

In 2003, Time Magazine identified Dr. Shiva as an environmental ‘hero’, and Asia Week has called her one of the five most powerful communicators in Asia. In November 2010, Forbes Magazine identified Dr. Shiva as one of the Seven Most Powerful Women on the Globe. 

We would be thrilled to have you there, and if possible, please help us promote this important event among your students and friends. Poster attached. This will be a great extra credit opportunity for students.

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Fall 2016 Symposium - Sharing Creative Ideas, Research, and Discoveries

Including contributions from graduate and undergraduate students in: Anthropology, Applied Indigenous Studies, the Civic Service Institute, Community, Culture and Environment, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Ethnic Studies, Geography, Planning and Recreation, The Institute for Human Development, Political and International Affairs, Psychological Sciences, School of Communication, Sociology/Social Work, Sustainable Communities, Women’s and Gender Studies, and Global Studies


  • The 4th Annual Symposium will be on Friday, December 9th
  • At Ashurst Hall (North campus)
  • 2:00 PM – 5:00PM

Join us for the fourth annual College of Social and Behavioral Sciences symposium of scholarly pursuits. Students from 11 departments and programs will convene to share their creative discoveries and present in-depth research and scholarly work to their peers, professors, and the University and Flagstaff communities.

More than 200 posters will showcase the diversity of students' educational experiences. The symposium will highlight students’ participation in traditional research activities, classroom-based scholarly projects, and in service learning and collaborative projects.

Events are free and open to the public.

Symposium poster presentation schedule

Student presenters will be assigned to present their posters at one of the following sessions:

  • Session 1 2:00pm – 2:55pm
  • Session 2 3:00pm – 3:55pm
  • Session 3 4:00pm – 4:55pm

Students should plan to arrive 10 minutes before their poster session begins in order to locate their poster board. Posters for the first session should be positioned by 1:55. Posters for the second session should be positioned by 3:00, and for the third session, by 4:00.

Student registration process

Submit your poster online using this link https://goo.gl/forms/70C2B7qAyc4mSbNE2

Registration closes at 11:59 Sunday, November 27th. You will be notified about your poster location by Friday, December 2nd.

NOTE: Only the primary author should register; all co-authors should be listed by the primary author on the submission form.

Poster Preparation Information

Poster Creation:

It is the responsibility of participating students to create posters for the poster sessions. Posters should be designed to be attached using Velcro on a large display board (no tri-fold poster boards). For consistency and convenience, we recommend that you download and take advantage of the poster templates provided below. There is a landscape version and a portrait version with useful tips to help you quickly create an attractive poster, but we encourage you to be creative as well.

Click on the Poster Preparation Tips link below for complete details about preparing and printing a poster.

Download the NAU landscape poster template 

Basic Formatting Requirements:

  • Posters should be no larger than 34 inches x 44 inches to fit on the display board; a bit smaller is fine.
  • All posters must be attached to the display board using Velcro. No tri-fold posters are permitted.
  • Posters must be readable from at least four feet away.
  • The presentation title must be at least two inches high.
  • Beneath the title, the name(s) of the student author(s), faculty sponsor, and department/school must be at least one inch high.
  • All source(s) of your funding should be acknowledged on the poster.

Additional Information (below and on the UG Research Poster Presentation Tips webpage):

  • You should create the poster the size you need (maximum size: 34” x 44”) in PowerPoint or PDF format. Trying to blow up an 8 ½ x 11 does NOT work!!
  • The use of dark (especially black) solid color backgrounds is strongly discouraged. Posters using solid dark backgrounds may incur additional charges.
  • There are large format NAU logos to be found at http://nau.edu/marketing/logos/
  • Generally more graphics/less text is preferable!

General Instructions:

  • Make sure your poster is sized properly for printing (e.g., 34 inches high by 44 inches wide). This is done in the Page Setup command in PowerPoint.
  • Use conventional fonts, such as Arial, Times New Roman, etc. This will make printing faster and more reliable.
  • Give the file to be printed a meaningful name that includes the course, section, and last name of the person submitting the print job.  Here is an example of the recommended format:
    PSY302W – S1 – Goodman
  • Regardless of the printing option you’ve chosen (Department of Psychological Sciences, SBS Office of the Dean, commercial printer, etc.), make sure you understand both the costs of, and time frames for, printing.
  • The normal paper size for printing is 36” high.  Consequently, groups will be required to trim the excess paper to meet the 34” high maximum allowed for the finished poster’s size.
  • E-mail used to submit posters should include contact information including cell phone and e-mail address.
  • Be responsive to e-mails from the office printing the poster for your group.  Staff may need to consult with you immediately regarding printing issues.

Poster Printing Options

  1. For ALL on-campus options:
  2. PowerPoint format is preferred. 
  3. Posters that are in an incorrect file format, corrupted or incorrect in formatting and size will not be printed.  It will be the responsibility of the student to correct these issues. 
  4. Credit/debit card or check required for payment.
  5. Cost: Approximately $25 - $30; high color content or color backgrounds will be charged at the higher rate.  Printing on white background is the least expensive option. Posters are printed on satin photographic paper.
  6. Posters must be submitted for printing by Dec. 5th at noon.  Requests received after this date will only be accommodated if time allows.

Department of Psychological Sciences - Student Academic Services (SAS) building, 3rd floor

  • Psychological Sciences students may print posters here. Follow all instructions on the Department of Psychological Sciences webpage http://nau.edu/SBS/Psych/Degrees-Programs/Undergraduate-Program/Poster-Printing/
  • Files should be sent to PSYPosterPrinting@nau.edu

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences – Dean’s Office, SBS Castro Building, room 200

  • Visit this link for additional information  http://nau.edu/SBS/Student-Resources/Poster-Printing-Options/
  • Files should be sent to sbs.dean@nau.edu
  • The e-mail should include “Poster Request” and your name in the subject line.

B. Other local poster printing options:

Note: Most need 24 hours notice and prefer PDF format; you will need to pay for the poster at the time you place your order. Call to obtain more information.

  • Kinko’s FedEx: (1423 S. Plaza Way, 779-5159) ~$70 + tax with NAU ID
  • Staple’s: (2625 N. Woodlands Village Blvd., 214-8424) ~$70 + tax
  • Print Raven (1300 S. Milton #125, 773-1105) ~$52 (matte) or ~$62 (gloss) + tax

C. Online options:

  • www.PosterPresentations.com: Price varies by size and quality ($45-$65); place order by noon (Pacific time) for poster to ship out the same business day (cost of shipping depends on delivery time: $0 - $60).


Click here to see NAU Parking Map.

"Electronic Cigarettes are not the ENDS of the story: An investigation of electronic hookah use in young adults" 
Please join Sumner Sydeman's presentation of research about electronic cigarettes. Sumner conducted the research during his recent sabbatical. The presentation will take place at the Student Academic Service building, room 302 on September 30, 2016 from 11:30 am through 12:30 pm. 


"Healing form Within: Restorative Approaches to Handling Community Conflict" 
The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice will be hosting the Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution's October event. The speaker will be Milton "JR" Bluenose and Jawed "JJ" Jessani. The cost for nonmembers is $10.00. Students may attend for free. Because seating is limited, please register here.

Hall of Fame 2016
Please join us as at the Hall of Fame 2016 Ceremony on October 14, 2016 at 1:30 p.m - 3:00 p.m. at SBS Castro (#65), room 110
his year's inductees are Laura Wilbur, John Running and LuAnn Leonard. More information about the inductees can be found here.

College wide Faculty and Staff Meeting

SBS West, Bellwood Auditorium (room 200)
Refreshments will be available starting at 8:30 a.m. Our meeting starts at 9:00 a.m. and is scheduled until 11:30 a.m.

NAU Summer Seminar Series 2016

The summer seminar series presents a variety of lectures on current political, environmental and health issues. These events are free and open to public. All sessions are scheduled from 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. at SBS West in room 200! More information and the flyer can also be found here. 

The Working Poor
Thursday, August 11, 2016 - Presenter: Greg Van Slyke, Dean of the W.A. Franke College of Business