Ethnic studies articles

Stay on top of the ethnic studies field by reading these timeless and recent articles.

"Commonsense Understanding of Equality and Social Change: A Critical Race Theory Analysis of Liberalism at Spruce Middle School"
International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, Vol. 22:6, (Nov.-Dec. 2009), 755-768
Angelina E. Castagno

"Educating Students about Affirmative Action: An Analysis of University Sociology Texts"
Teaching Sociology, Vol. 28, No. 2 (Apr., 2000), pp. 98-115
Mark Beeman, Geeta Chowdhry and Karmen Todd 

"Edward Said and Contrapuntal Reading: Implications for Critical Interventions in International Relations"
Millennium - Journal of International Studies December 2007 36101-116
Geeta Chowdhry

"Facing the Fire: American Indian Literature and the Pedagogy of Anger"
American Indian Quarterly,  Vol. 27: 1/2 (Winter-Spring, 2003), 80-90
Jeffrey Berglund

"Fanning the flames of prejudice"
Roberto Rodriguez

"'I Don’t Want to Hear That!': Legitimating Whiteness through Silence in Schools"
Race Ethnicity and Education, Vol. 11: 2 (July 2008), 95-113
Sabina E. Vaught and Angelina E. Castagno

"Mythic Appetites: The Last King of Scotland’s Heart of Darkness In the Jubilee Year of African Independence"
*Draft Manuscript - Not for attribution or citation (2009)
Ricardo Guthrie

"Native Mascots and Ethnic Fraud in Higher Education"
Equity & Excellence in Education, 40 (2007), 3-13
Angelina E. Castagno and Stacey J. Lee

"Political fight over ethnic studies should never have been ignited at all"
Raul Grijalva, US Rep

"The Academic and Social Value of Ethnic Studies: A Research Review"
National Education Association, (2011)
Christine E. Sleeter

"The Geographies of Exclusion and the Politics of Inclusion: Race-based Exclusions in the teaching of International Relations"
International Studies Perspectives February 2009 vol. 10, issue 1: 84-91
Geeta Chowdhry and Shirin Rai

"Tucson Ethnic Studies Program out of compliance with state law"
Tony Paniagua