Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies: Ethnic Studies

Do you already have a degree or want to expand your current one?  A minor in ethnic studies will give you an awareness of race, ethnicity, culture, and diversity that complements your major course of study.

To expand your expertise and learn about other cultures and ethnicities you may encounter in your career, you can use this minor with many majors, including, but not limited to:

  • a pre-law degree
  • social work or medicine emphasis
  • psychology degree
  • behavioral sciences degree

In this program, you will:

  • be introduced to theories and analyses of race, ethnicity, racism, and class division
  • explore the history of race and ethnicity, and the cultures of major racial and ethnic groups in the United States
  • be encouraged to become involved in the community by interning with local organizations 
  • be prepared for a changing and global work place

The ethnic studies minor has required and specialized courses, including "Introduction to Ethnic Studies", "Race, Identity, and Film", "Introduction to African American Studies", and "Introduction to Chican@/Latin@ Studies." Other courses which have interdisciplinary focus can be found in:

  • forestryhow do different ethnicities and cultures manage the land?
  • applied indigenous studieshow do different indigenous cultures supply healthcare, build relationships, express themselves, and treat the environment?
  • anthropologywhat kind of history do natives and people of the Southwest have?
  • criminal justicewhat are the laws governing indigenous peoples and how are they treated in the justice department?
  • religionwhat are the different religions surrounding cultures?
  • political science—how does race affect power relationships in society?
  • sociology—how do race and ethnic relations affect society?
  • English—what does multicultural literature tell us about diverse identities in society?

More information 

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