Departments and Programs

  • Anthropology


    If culture and history matter to you, help us research humanity’s past and find out how you can make a difference in the field of anthropology and its sub-disciplines.

  • AppliedIndigenous

    Applied Indigenous Studies

    Make a difference in the lives of global, indigenous/tribal communities by contributing to nation building, promoting beneficial connections within the community, and learning about their culture and way of life through the Applied Indigenous Studies program.

  • BUS_pic

    Bachelor of University Studies

    The Bachelor of University Studies (B.U.S.) degree program is designed for students interested in earning a degree that can integrate varied interests and specific career goals. Students synthesize the skills and objectives from their liberal studies and diversity requirements with two declared minors.

  • civic engagement 225
    civic engagement 225

    Civic Engagement

    The Civic Engagement Minor focuses on the development of civic agency of students through community engagement. NAU has been recognized as a national leader in this area. 

  • CSI 225
    CSI 225

    Civic Service Institute

    The Civic Service Institute at Northern Arizona University mobilizes generations to strengthen communities through service and volunteerism. At the Civic Service Institute, we provide a wide range of volunteer opportunities for students, seniors, and other community members to get involved.

  • Criminology

    Criminology and Criminal Justice

    Through our Criminology and Criminal Justice program, you can learn how to make a real difference in the world of criminal justice.

  • Ethnic studies
    Ethnic studies

    Ethnic Studies

    Apply your interest in various cultures and learn about local, regional, and national contexts by joining the Ethnic Studies program.

  • FVI_Dep_Logo_225px

    Family Violence Institute

    The Family Violence Institute at Northern Arizona University is the first of its kind in Arizona. It provides a vibrant forum for research, scholarship, education, and public policy work addressing family violence, one of the urgent challenges of our time.

  • GPR

    Geography, Planning, and Recreation

    The Geography, Planning, and Recreation program provides you the tools you need to apply research in the emerging fields of geodesign, community planning, and geospatial technologies.

  • IHD

    Institute for Human Development

    Provide research and services to the disability community, and learn how to contribute to the needs of Arizona and Northern Arizona University. Join the Institute for Human Development and learn how you can make a difference.

  • IHPHD_225x150

    Interdisciplinary Health Ph.D. Program

    The Interdisciplinary Health (IH) Ph.D. program is designed to educate and train the next generation of health researchers, advocates, and educators. Across these three areas, graduates of this program will possess the knowledge to empirically answer important questions regarding theoretical and practical issues and skills to conduct applied research.

  • Politics

    Politics and International Affairs

    Our goal is to provide students with knowledge of the theory, principles, and practice of government and politics at the local, national, and international levels. For students who understand the importance of global politics, our Politics and International Affairs program has something for you

  • Psychology

    Psychological Sciences

    Psychology is the second most common Northern Arizona University program for a reason; our exceptional staff, cutting edge teaching methods, and emphasis on research ensures our program provides maximum benefit for our students.

  • School of communication
    School of communication

    School of Communication

    At the School of Communication, we know that classroom lectures can only prepare students so much. That’s why we’ve implemented a variety of hands-on features into our curriculum, including work in a radio station, university newspaper, and more. Find out what opportunities await you at the School of Communication.

  • Sociology

    Sociology/Social Work

    If you are concerned with advancing social justice and human rights and want to make a difference in the world, our programs in sociology or social work might be exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Sustainable communities
    Sustainable communities

    Sustainable Communities

    Sustainability is a serious issue facing today’s environment and society. Our sustainable communities program addresses these concerns and offers students the chance to think critically about solutions to this growing problem and work toward making a better tomorrow.

  • Native American Women
    Native American Women

    Women's and Gender Studies

    Our Women’s and Gender Studies program explores issues regarding gender, class, race, and sexuality, providing a foundation for students passionate about improving human rights and social justice.