Creative Media and Film

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Degrees offered

  • Bachelor of Science in Creative Media and Film  
  • Minor in Creative Media and Film

For additional information and specific degree requirements, see the academic catalog.

Creative Media and Film teaches students to create and critique stories made with moving images and audio. Students will engage in a shared core that will teach them the fundamentals of production and criticism. This program blends analytical thinking, creative expression, and professional experience to develop students’ skills in all aspects of digital filmmaking and critique.

CMF’s foundation rests on the critical view that our students should be empowered to tell their own distinctive, idiosyncratic, and regional stories, rather than have those stories told for them. Our program focuses on narrative and storytelling theories, skills, and application. As moving image/audio storytellers, our students learn about and are trained within the domains of both cultural and aesthetic values.

The program begins with an exploration of the theoretical, social, historical, and industry standards within which all media are grounded.  Through this foundation, students develop strong aesthetic sensibilities, storytelling skills, and a deep appreciation of the impact of audience, culture, time and place upon stylistic choices made during the creative process.

Intensive, hands-on experience drives student learning as they write, plan, produce, cast, budget, finance shoot, edit, and promote their own work.  Specific attention is paid to developing critical skills to formulate original ideas, persuasively articulate these ideas, and then combine film tools with storytelling skills to transform their ideas into engaging media.  Developing students’ skills in visual storytelling, audio production, and effective editing is accomplished by creating a variety of professional-quality projects.

Career opportunities

 At the heart of the CMF major is storytelling. Whether through scriptwriting or production, you will examine and apply the traditions of cinema to tell your own visual and audio stories with documentary projects, fiction narrative shorts, and client-based commercial and promotional work.

Through the production classes, you'll also be provided the skills and foundation to become an independent filmmaker, run your own production house business, and enter a variety of media industries.

In the CMF major you'll develop a critical understanding of the social, cultural, and political functions of media production, developing a strong foundation to either pursue a career in media or to go on to graduate school to earn a Master's or MFA in filmmaking, documentary, or cinema, media, or cultural studies.

Additional information

For more information, visit the academic catalog or contact: 

Dr. Kurt Lancaster
Phone: 928-523-5159