AmeriCorps Mentors

As a mentor to our AmeriCorps members, you are an essential part of the program. Here are some resources to help you perform your duties.

Apply to become a mentor site

Follow the instructions below to apply to become an AmeriCorps mentor site.

Complete our application.  The AmeriCorps mentor site application is available in the link below:

Mentor Site Application 

E-mail your completed application as a Word attachment to:

Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom
AmeriCorps Director
Youth in Action AmeriCorps
(928) 523-3560

Applications must be received no later than:

Friday, June 13, 2014 by 5:00 PM.

Quarterly reports

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Your reporting provides valuable feedback for our members and allows our AmeriCorps program to demonstrate how it is impacting the community. One quarterly report is due for each member according to the following schedule:

Date Reports Due 
Thursday, January 12th 2012 1st Quarter Report (Oct.-Dec. 2011) 
Thursday, April 12th 2012 2nd Quarter Report (Jan.-March 2012) 
Thursday, July 12th, 2012 3rd Quarter Report (Apr-June 2012) 
Thursday, October 11th, 2012  4th Quarter Report (July-Sept. 2012)  

Please fill out the quarterly report form and e-mail it to:

If you have any questions call 523-3560.

A few notes about the quarterly reporting form

  • In section 2, question number four can also be used to inform us of any challenges you are having with your member(s).
  • PLEASE recognize your member(s) for outstanding service on question 6 in section 2.
  • Make sure to discuss your evaluation with your member(s).
  • Be sure to attach any related documents displaying your member’s service to the e-mail with your quarterly report.

In-Kind reports

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The In-Kind is the reported and verifiable cost (if audited the ability to document source of cost) of mentoring an AmeriCorps Member at the Mentor Site that is not cash match. 

Although no cash exchanges hands it is important to put a value on the time and resources needed to mentor an AmeriCorps Member at your site.

One in-kind report is due each quarter according to the following schedule:

Date Reports Due 
Thursday January 12, 20121st In-kind Report (Runs Oct-Dec 2011)
Thursday April 12, 20122nd In-kind Report (Runs January -March 2012)  
Thursday July 12, 20123rd In-kind Report (Runs April - June 2012)  
Thursday October 12, 20124th In-kind Report (Runs July - September 2012)  

Please fill out the in-kind report form and fax, e-mail, or mail a copy to:

Carmen Martinjako
NAU PO Box 6025
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-6025
Fax: 928-523-6395

A few notes about in-kind reporting

Member Development 

  • Examples of training can include: site orientation, conferences or workshops that site sends and pays for Member to attend. This includes the cost for time if the members were serving at your site and is away. What would that cost be in hours of time?
  • Examples of curriculum can include: books or binders supplied to Member.

Supervision of Member 

  • Percentage of time spent supervising Member (s) translated into % of salary
  • For example, if Mentor spends 10% of time with Member then the in kind cost would be 10% of your salary. If the director spends 1% of their time with the Member then it would be 1% of their salary.
  • Employee Benefits- Percent of time spent supervising the Member is that same percent of employee benefits.
  • For example, if Mentor spends 10% of time with Member then this would be 10% of Mentor's benefits.


  • Include costs associated with Member(s) at site.

Evaluations and Monitoring 

  • Include required program review done by field site.

Recruitment process/resources

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1.) Qualified applicants are contacted by YiA staff regarding their application and general information about AmeriCorps will be discussed. This may be done over the phone or in person. 

2.) Once an applicant is screened by our staff this application will be forwarded to the mentor site and will undergo their screening process. If there is more than one qualified application for an assignment, priority consideration will be given to the first qualified applicant received. Each applicant will be considered on its own merit, this is not a competitive process.

3) Then, applicants are interviewed by their chosen AmeriCorps assignment site (s). If the member and mentor agree this is a good fit then we move to step #4.

4) The new AmeriCorps member attends our orientation and then begins their assignment.

Youth in Action AmeriCorps intentionally tries to recruit the best member possible for the site.

Recruitment Flyer - Download an AmeriCorps recruiting flyer. Once downloaded, you can customize it for your organization.

Background check

All members do need a background check and the mentor sites are responsible for providing our office with the documentation that this requirement has been completed.

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The type of background check needed is dictated by the services that mentor sites provide.

Sites who work with at risk populations that require the Department of Public Safety (DPS) background check clearance card can save money by using the volunteer category listed on the site.

Cost: $43

If you do not qualify or are not required to have individuals at your site complete the DPS background check, then you can use the Accusource multi-state background check system.

Cost: $25

Workers compensation

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If your member is injured at a mentor site during service, he/she is covered under Northern Arizona University’s workers compensation. Follow the procedure below to ensure he/she receives benefits.

If a work-related illness or injury is not life or limb threatening then the employee should:

  1. Report the injury/illness to their supervisor immediately.
  2. The employee must call 800-685-2877 to speak with a Registered Nurse at the State of Arizona Workers’ Compensation’s Employee Injury Call Center.

Employee Injury Call Center

All injured employees MUST call the Employee Injury Call Center at 800-685-2877 where they will be connected with a Registered Nurse to evaluate the nature of the workplace incident or injury. 

The nurse will:

  • Focus on early intervention and the needs of the employee to determine if immediate care is needed.
  • Connect the employee with the appropriate level of care
  • Schedule a referral for further intervention
  • Follow-up with the employee on the next day to see how they are doing

Calls can be made 24 hours a day/7 days a week.