Student responsibilities

The internship consists of six parts you must complete to receive credit for the course: 
  1. field placement
         a.  supervisor interim evaluation
         b.  supervisor final evaluation
  2. attendance at internship site
  3. contact with Internship Program Coordinator
  4. online discussions
  5. weekly journal
  6. self-evaluation 

Your responsibilities

During your internship, you should:

  • seek out the kind of work that will enable you to develop and expand professional skills
  • follow agency guidelines for appropriate and expected employee behavior:
    • dress and act professionally and appropriately
    • report to work on time
    • complete work assignments
    • avoid absences and maintain appropriate agency records
    • maintain confidentiality and a professional demeanor in all agency-related activities
    • provide your own transportation to and from the internship
  • report to the internship director at least every two weeks to detail your progress in the internship
  • participate in the online discussion group with other interns
  • complete a self-evaluation of the internship experience at the end of the semester and submit it to the internship director
  • keep a detailed and reflective journal on your internship experience


One-half- to one-page, single-spaced, journal entries are required and must be sent to the Internship Program Coordinator as an attachment to an e-mail once a month.  At the top of your journal pages, type:

  • your name
  • the week number
  • the question on the top

The journal is intended for you to reflect about the issues/subjects raised during your internship and in discussions, and your reflections about them:

  • do not write a log of your daily activities
  • write reflectively each week about the significant issues/topics/themes that are raised for you in the process of performing your day-to-day activities
  • try to fit your experiences into a broader perspective so that you can see the place of the organization within the broader criminal justice system and within its community
  • look for the meaning of the things you do and what others do in the organization within the context of the broader system