Court and legal profession internships

Coconino County Public Defender’s Office

The public defender’s office provides representation for individuals facing:

  • criminal charges
  • juvenile adjudications
  • mental health commitments

You will assist defense attorneys by:

  • filing documents
  • taking messages
  • conducting legal research
  • interviewing clients
  • aiding in case preparation

US Attorney's Office

The US Attorney's Office would like one or two interns for each semester for summer. You would be heavily involved in the federal prosecution of offenders arising from offences which occur in Northern Arizona. You should apply at least nine months prior to the start date, given the lengthy background investigative period. The duties include:

  • case preparation
  • basic research
  • witness interviews
  • trial preparation
  • attendance at trial strategy sessions

Coconino County Legal Aid

The Coconino County Legal Aid Office offers legal counseling, representation, and related services for criminal defendants. You will be offered many opportunities to assist attorneys with a number of tasks associated with public defense. You will:
  • perform administrative tasks, such as completing paperwork and filing records
  • assist with trial preparation, such as gathering information from defendants over the phone and through personal interviews
  • assist attorneys with defense strategies
  • be given opportunities to observe actual court proceedings

Coconino County DUI Drug Court

The DUI/Drug Court is a court-supervised, comprehensive treatment program for nonviolent offenders. You will help personnel perform such duties as:
  • client intake and orientation tasks
  • monitoring and supervising clients
  • completing client graduation evaluations

Hammond Legal Office

At this office, students will gain experience in the legal field by working alongside an attorney, performing case preparation duties, and observing actual court proceedings. You will:
  • gather information on clients and cases
  • conduct interviews with clients
  • assist with clerical duties, such as taking messages and organizing files

Hufford, Horstman, Mongini, Parnell, and Tucker Law Offices

In this law office specializing in civil law, you’ll experience the daily routine of a busy law office by:
  • filing court documents
  • taking messages
  • interviewing clients
  • accompanying lawyers while they participate in case preparation and actual court hearings

Law Office of Lee Phillips

At this office, you’ll assist with criminal cases by:
  • organizing client files
  • conducting client interviews
  • taking messages
  • filing documents
  • observing court proceedings

Legislative internships

You’ll have the opportunity to work with the Arizona Legislature or the Supreme Court. Applications are competitive and are usually due around November 1st of each year. 

Coconino County Board of Supervisors

Students will assist the County Board of Supervisors with:
  • research projects
  • event coordination
  • meetings
  • some administrative tasks

Preference is given to:

  • juniors
  • seniors
  • graduate students

We prefer candidates who:

  • are familiar with internet research
  • possess excellent written and oral communication skills

DNA Legal Services   

This organization serves as advocates and teachers to:

  • address the causes and symptoms of poverty
  • foster individual independence and dignity
  • protect and promote tribal sovereignty

The agency provides:

  • direct representation in court or at administration hearings
  • document review
  • self-help workshops and clinics in the areas of:
    • family law (particularly domestic violence and elder abuse)
    • healthcare
    • housing law
    • government benefits
    • employment law

You will provide a variety of services, including:

  • client intake
  • document handling
  • client support